10 Best 0 Ring Gags Of 2022 With Buyers Guide

10 Best 0 Ring Gags Of 2022 With Buyers Guide

O ring gags are toys that are used to satisfy gaging fetishes. If you and your partner have recently discovered the pleasures of BDSM, you will have a fantastic time playing with ring gags. 

Whether you prefer watching your partner drool or you love making gagging sounds during BDSM play, here is Sex Harmony's review of the ten best ring gags that guarantee unforgettable experiences.

  1. Silicone Ring Gag with Adjustable Leather Straps (Shots Ouch)

The silicone ring gag has a simple design, making it perfect for beginner gag play. Its diameter is 4 cm. That's pretty standard, and a dom can easily penetrate their penis through the ring. It should be your top pick if you love the smell of leather. The adjustable bonded leather straps have an adequate length of 57cm. 

It is made of flexible silicone that gently allows your sub to open their mouth wide. The silicone is 100% safe because its phthalate-free. What I love most about this toy is its rigid and firmness in keeping your mouth open. And at the same time, extremely gentle on the teeth. 

The silicone ring gag can be used in two ways. It can keep the sub mouths open for play. Alternatively, they can chew on it when the dom gets tired of the gagging and moaning sounds. I would highly recommend this toy for couples interested in inhibiting speech with the help of a comfy and easy-to-use ring gag. 


  • Made using medical-grade silicone, which is 100% safe

    • It comes with adjustable leather straps

    • It has a simple design that's great for beginners

    • Very easy to use

    • Waterproof and tasteless 


  • The ring can be too small for large-sized users 
  1. Fetish Fantasy Extreme Silicone O Ring Gag

Moving on to a more intense O ring. This extreme silicone O ring made by Pipedream is perfect for keeping your sub quiet while you engage in a wide range of oral plays. The ring is slightly bigger and will leave your sub drooling throughout the BDSM play session. 

Gag wearers will enjoy the super-soft elite silicone that doesn't strain your jaws or hurt your teeth. The silicone has no taste or smell. When you put it in your mouth, you don't have to worry about side effects because the silicone is medical-grade. 


  • It features a larger O ring that stretches your sub's lips wider

    • Very comfortable for gag-wearers

    • Made using medical-grade elite silicone

    • The straps are adjustable

    • Its odor and taste-free 


  • It's too intense for newbies 
  1. Spider Open Mouth Gag

Have you always fantasized about orally invading your sub with their mouth wide open? This is the ideal toy to bring such a fantasy to life. The inside diameter of this ring is 1.25 inches which is adequate for you to brutally penetrate their mouth without having to hear them talk. 

The straps are made of leather and have a soft lining. This ensures your sub is comfortable serving all your sexual desires. For some subs, the spider open mouth gag is a bit intimidating. Therefore, make sure that you both agree to use this toy safely. 


  • It's wild

    • The design is unique

    • Perfect for rough oral play

    • One can easily adjust the harness 


  • Made explicitly for experienced gag wearers 
  1. Sinful O-Ring Mouth Gag Black by NS Novelties

Are you a BDSM enthusiast who has a taste for elegant toys? Well, the stunning Sinful O-ring mouth gag will keep your sub quiet as you dominate over them. It's available in a black finish with a striking embossed vinyl. 

The Sinful O ring is adjustable and very easy to use. NS Novelties is a leading manufacturer of sex toys. Therefore, you are assured of this mouth gag getting the job done to perfection. 

I highly recommend it to subs who are interested in experiencing the thrill of sensational domination. It's also suitable for both experienced and novice gaggers. 


  • It looks amazing

    • It's easy to put on

    • Made using liquid-play-friendly neoprene

    • Great value for money

    • Suitable for women and men 


Couples who are deep into BDSM will find this toy quite fulfilling. This isn't your typical silicone O-ring. It also comes with nipple clamps. Besides gagging your sub, you can also stimulate their nipples using this nifty toy. 

The Mutiny O ring gag is designed to dominate your sub completely. The ring is quite sturdy and will allow you to fit your penis or other sex toys in your sub's mouth without interference. There is a belt strap that holds the gag in place. 

As if that's not enough. The gag is connected to two chains with bull-nose nipple clamps. The bull nose style offers intense nipple stimulation. 


  • It's a two-in-one sex toy

    • Hypoallergenic

    • It's an excellent toy for intense BDSM play

    • The o ring is pretty comfy 


  • Only recommended for couples who are into nipple stimulation 
  1. Fetish Fantasy Series O Ring Gag with Nipple Clamps

If you are a fan of the O ring gag and nipple clamps combo, it's essential to have several options to choose from. We have already reviewed one. Here is another from Pipedream, a reputable sex toy manufacturer. 

This toy features alligator-style nipple clamps. They are big enough to pinch the entire nipple for maximum pleasure. The clamps are adjustable. That's great at regulating tension. These clamps are suspended from a leather strap with a metal O ring at the center. This setup would be more pleasurable with a harness. 


  • BDSM lovers will simultaneously enjoy nipples stimulation and gagging

    • An adjustable head strap allows you to dictate how often the sub speaks

    • The ring is gentle on the jaw and teeth

    • It's a great choice if you love leather

    • The design is pretty kinky 


  • Well-equipped men will find the ring too small for penetration 
  1. Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition O-Ring Gag

Gaging isn't always about rendering your sub speechless, literally. Certain doms prefer to hear murmurs or mumbles as they punish their subs. If this is a fetish that you find interesting, you can get the limited-edition O ring from Fetish Fantasy. 

It features adjustable straps that allow you to control how often your sub speaks. This toy is good at establishing dominance over a partner. Its design is quite simple. A small metal O ring is connected to two PVC straps.


  • The ring is relatively small, therefore suitable for amateurs

    • The straps are designed to be adjustable

    • It takes domination to a whole new level

    • It feels comfortable in the mouth 


  • The o ring is made of metal 
  1. Fetish Fantasy Series Beginner Open Mouth Gag

I like this one because it also has a simple design. The thing about gagging is that it can be overwhelming for beginners. It's a good idea to start with the simpler toys and advance with experience. 

This mouth gag has a diameter of 1.75 inches. Most subs can easily fit it in their mouths. The ring is pretty sturdy and will ensure your sub is completely unable to speak, except for the drooling. Its design is slightly different because the strap covers the ring on both ends. Besides that, it's adjustable and effortless to use. 


  • Quite sturdy

    • Beginner-friendly

    • It opens up your sub's mouth for easy access

    • The straps are adjustable for easier use 


  • The design can be uncomfortable for long BDSM sessions 
  1. Sex and Mischief Silicone Lips

If you consider your sub's lips unworthy of touching your penis, this is the perfect blowjob ring gag. The sex and mischief silicone lips are big and succulent, and here is the best part – you can mount them on a real mouth for maximum oral pleasure. 

This toy is designed to open a sub's mouth while covering the teeth for effortless oral penetration. It may seem big and scary. But it's comfy for the wearers. 

Also, the adjustable straps help fit the toy behind one's head. It's made of vegan leather, and it's a beautiful toy for anyone who has always fantasized about red lip blow jobs. 


  • The 1.5 inches o ring diameter is big enough for oral penetration

    • It's waterproof

    • Features an advanced fastening system

    • The design is kinky and ideal for red lip blowjob fantasies

    • Gentle on the sub's head and mouth 


When it comes to BDSM, never settle for less. If you are a sub who wants to explore your oral penetration and gaging limits, the deep throat gag is an excellent choice. 

It looks like an average gag ring. But there are two O rings connected together. That design allows you to restrict speech for a more pleasurable gagging experience. 

For doms, this blowjob ring gag is designed to offer you extreme oral invasion. The rings have a diameter of 1.69 inches and are spaced 1 inch apart. The ring is made of stainless steel, and the adjustable strap is PU leather. 


  • The two rings guarantee that your sub's mouth will be wide open during BDSM play

    • Perfect toy for deepthroat blowjobs

    • The design is intense but safe

    • Very easy to use 


  • Not for untrained subs 

What is an O Ring Gag? 

There are many types of gags designed for BDSM play. O rings are the ones that have a circular opening in the middle. When you wear an O ring gag, it opens your mouth, thus leading to uncontrollable drooling, something most doms and subs find exciting. Besides that, ring gags also facilitate many types of oral play, such as deepthroat blowjobs. 

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bondage Ring Gag (Buyer's Guide)

After reading our review, I know you can't wait to get one of these ring gags for BDSM play. But before you do that, you should go through the following buyer's guide to make an informed purchase! 

  • Materials 

Gags are all about the materials used in manufacture. When you read the above review, did you realize that gags are made of different materials? The O ring could either be metal or silicone. As for the straps, you can choose either leather or PVC. 

A leather and silicone combination is the best because it's gentle yet durable. However, some subs have a preference for metal and leather. It's up to you to find a material combination that suits your preferences. 

I love silicone gags because they are soft, and you won't lose your teeth when you accidentally bite on them. Always check the materials used because some materials may trigger an allergic reaction. 

  • Size 

Regarding size, you have to check the length of the straps and the diameter of the O ring. If you are a newbie, you should start with a smaller ring. Bigger rings tend to be more intense. 

For most bondage ring gags, the strap size is often multi-fit. But it's important to confirm before purchase. A longer strap gives doms more power to determine how often the sub can speak. 

  • Cleaning 

A waterproof gag is an excellent choice because it's much easier to clean. The same also applies to silicone. 

  • Cost 

Even though you can't put a price on pleasure, getting an O ring that falls within your budget is essential. The good news is that there are O ring gags for all budgets. 

  • Extra Features 

To ensure their toys are in demand, manufacturers may add innovative features such as stopper plugs, nipple clamps, or even red juicy lips. Always look for extra features if you want to explore different kinks, such as nipple stimulation. 

What's So Special about O Ring Gags? 

BDSM enthusiasts can use a wide range of toys ranging from cuffs, sex swings, blindfolds, bondage tape to whips. However, O ring gags introduce doms and subs to a new and thrilling experience. These creative toys enable the doms to humiliate their subs by keeping them quiet during intimacy. The juicy part is that that's done by forcing their mouths to be wide open. 

An O ring gag; 

  • Excites BDSM lovers from the sounds made and drooling that occurs when one is wearing a gag.

    • Gives the dom full access to the sub's mouth for deep oral invasion.

    • Can make you feel more relaxed for uncomfortable BDSM acts such as anal sex or spanking.

    • Can be paired up with other BDSM toys such as harnesses or restraints for a more pleasant experience. 

How to Safely Use a Ring Gag? 

You and your partner must be on the same page about bondage, discipline, dominance, and submission. Undeniably, using ring gags is fun for both doms and subs. Before adding this toy to your collection, consent is vital. 

When using ring gags, you must have safe words or actions. That will ensure everyone is safe, even the one who can't speak because of the gag. You can signal your partner to stop if a particular act becomes too extreme. 

O ring gags should be placed behind the teeth, and then the straps are tightened to hold the ring in position. The straps shouldn't be so tight as they can be too painful. 

The gag must be used correctly. Ensure you get a comfortable gag that doesn't hurt your teeth or jaws. Size, as mentioned earlier, it's one of the critical factors. An adjustable strap will also ensure a smoother experience. 

Practice makes perfect. Some ring gags have a learning curve. Be patient and exercise caution until you learn how to use the toy correctly. 

Aftercare is crucial after any BDSM session. As thrilling as BDSM can be, your partner still needs love and attention. 

How Do I Clean an O Ring Gag? 

That will depend on the material. Stainless steel and silicone ring gages are easier to clean. You only need some soap and water. A ring with a leather strap should be thoroughly wiped with a clean cloth. Don't forget to disinfect your ring gag every once in a while, using hot water or a bleach solution. 

Final Thoughts 

Sex is fun. But experimenting with new fetishes is even more thrilling. As someone who has just discovered BDSM, an O ring gag is one of the most valuable toys to help you exercise dominance or submissiveness. 

O ring gags allow you to explore a wide range of pleasurable BDSM plays and are very easy to use. From the above review, you should be able to find a suitable ring gag whether you are a newbie or you have been wearing ring gags for years. 


Are O Ring Gags Recommended for Oral Sex? 

Several ring gags can be used for oral sex. Examples include the Deep Throat Mouth Gag and Spider Open Mouth Gag. But it all depends on the size of the ring and penis. Smaller rings are unsuitable for oral sex. 

How Do Ring Gags Compare to Ball and Spider Gags? 

Out of all types of gags, ring gags are the safest. That's because they provide more airflow. Also, o ring gags facilitate oral sex. In many ways, it's better. 

How Long Should You Have a Ring Gag in Your Mouth? 

If you are a newbie, I would advise you to wear a ring gag for around five to ten minutes. Wearing it for too long can cause jaw aches. The more you use this toy, the more you get acquainted and can wear it for longer.

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