5 Best Egg Vibrators of 2022

5 Best Egg Vibrators of 2022

Vibrators are among the most popular sex toys in the adult industry – but they sure have changed! No longer does the humble egg vibrator provide merely a basic buzz, there are now devices with multiple settings and even smartphone control features!

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Welcome to Sex Harmony's comprehensive guide to egg-shaped vibrators. In this post, we will look at the top five products on sale in 2022 (as ranked by our experts), explore what makes an excellent vibrator, and touch upon some fun ideas for use!

Sit back and relax as we take you on a journey of vibrator-induced orgasmic bliss!

Top 5 Begin Here

1) Pretty Love – Abner Smartphone Control Bluetooth Egg-Shaped Vibrator

Enhance your solo sexual pleasure or put your partner in control with this smartphone-controlled Bluetooth egg-shaped vibrator from Pretty Love. It’s a cute and discreet device that’s perfect for foreplay and naughty spontaneous fun.

You could use Pretty Love’s egg vibrator to get you in the mood and to gradually build excitement before sex. But it’s great for kinky games, too. Consider slipping it in your underwear and letting your lover send you jolts of arousal throughout the day!

The Abner vibrator has a smooth and rounded design – just like an egg! – and the silicone material ensures comfort, even with extended wear. Moreover, the tapered tip delivers pinpoint stimulation, lighting up your erogenous zones with precision.

Pretty Love’s pricy Egg Vibrator lives up to its reputation, with an impressive 12 vibration settings and an easy-to-work Bluetooth feature. Unlike cheaper vibrators, there’s no location limitation, which builds anticipation and amplifies the pleasure.


  • Made from silicone
  • Smooth and rounded for comfortable pleasure
  • Tapered tip provides pinpoint stimulation
  • 12 vibration settings
  • Smartphone control feature with Bluetooth functionality
  • Dimensions: Length: 7.5cm, Diameter: 3.3cm

2) My Secret Screaming O – Premium Remote Egg

For my money, this is the best egg vibrator on the market without Bluetooth functionality. My Secret Screaming O has developed a high-end sex toy made from body-safe True Silicone and equipped with a mighty 20 vibration settings!

With its smooth, ergonomic design, the Premium Remote Egg slips in effortlessly. The vibe has a 1.25-inch diameter and measures almost 2.9 inches long, enough for a pleasant but not overwhelming stretch. And the string makes it easy to pull out!

Fine-tune your pleasure with the 10 pulsation patterns and speeds at your disposal, which you can quickly rotate through via the remote control or egg itself. The smooth True Silicone material is soft to touch, but feel free to use water-based lubricant if necessary.

This Premium Remote Egg has a convenient USB charging feature (cable provided) and a battery that generates more than an hour of delicious, discreet fun. I appreciate the quiet motor, which allows for cheeky couples’ play wherever you are! 


  • Made from True Silicone (lab-tested and body-safe)
  • 20 vibration functions! (10 pulsation patterns + 10 speeds)
  • More than 60 minutes of vibration pleasure from one USB charge
  • Remote-control feature works up to 40 feet away
  • Low-pitch, deep-rumbling motor for discreet play
  • Dimensions: Length: 2.87 inches, Diameter: 1.25 inches

3) Love Honey – Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Egg

The Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations range is a firm favorite at Love Honey, thanks to fantastic toys like this smooth, versatile, and long-lasting love egg. Enjoy waves of arousal and orgasmic pleasure whether playing solo or with your partner.

If you prefer lengthy love-making sessions, this love egg is genuinely relentless, with a mammoth 100 minutes of vibrations from a single charge. That’s as good as you will find, and you can pick from four vibration patterns and three different speed settings.

The manufacturer uses soft and smooth silicone for pain-free pulsations and fits the egg with a whisper-quiet motor for discretion. That won’t kill the sexy mood in the bedroom, and it means you can indulge in kinky couple’s play when out and about.

What’s more, the Remote Control Egg comes with a gorgeous satin storage bag that protects your toy, although admittedly not discreetly! While not the number one egg vibrator available right now, it’s still a solid and satisfying option.


  • Made from smooth silicone
  • Choose from three speeds and four intense, whisper-quiet vibration patterns
  • Ergonomic love egg design with handle, weighing a mere 46 grams
  • Remote control feature controls the egg up to 10 meters away
  • 120 minutes of USB charging enables 100 minutes of play
  • Dimensions: Length: 8 inches (with cord), Diameter: 1.77 inches

4) XR Brands – Bang XL Silicone Vibrating Egg (Purple)

Ready to stretch your limits? The Bang XL Vibrating Egg from XR Brands promotes intense, pleasure-soaked orgasms with its thick, ergonomic design and powerful motor. And with a whopping 21 vibration settings, the fun never stops.

XR Brands opts for body-safe, phthalate-free, silky smooth silicone. Given the size, you may need a little lubrication – be sure to stick with water-based lubricants. I like this bullet egg vibrator for solo masturbating, but it’s also great for couples' play.

Don’t think you are confined to the bedroom with this one! The Bang XL is waterproof and ideal for use in the shower, bath, or hot tub. You can control it by the vibrator and the remote. And the string ensures it's easy to pull out if you plunge in deep!

We found this toy a decent upgrade on standard-sized love eggs, but it might be too big for first-time players. However, if you are craving mind-blowing sexual bliss and are ready to overload your G-spot, the Bang XL egg could be your new best friend!


  • Choose from 21 vibration settings, and various patterns and speeds!
  • Made from silky smooth, body-safe silicone
  • Comes with a wireless remote for hands-free solo use and couple’s play
  • Thick, XL design provides a fuller sensation than rival brands
  • USB charging cord and instruction manual included
  • Dimensions: Length: 3.1 inches, Diameter: 1.6 inches

5) Pretty Love – Doreen (Pink)

We finish up with another clever Bluetooth wireless egg vibrator from Pretty Love! However, the cute and pink Doreen device is anything but innocent, with 12 vibration patterns and an ever-so-naughty three electric shock settings for a full-body buzz.

The Bluetooth feature is an exciting benefit, and Pretty Love has a free app for smartphone control, guaranteeing no extra charges. Your lover could give you sensual vibrations or erotic electric shocks from anywhere – what an enticing thought!

The lengthy, flexible cord is an underrated aspect of the Doreen. You can relax while externally stimulating from a distance, yet still enjoy easy access if you choose to slip it in. The power button is handily located at the end of the cord.

The body-safe pink silicone looks beautiful and serves a vital safety purpose. The lightly ridged design helps deliver more stimulation than a classically smooth egg-shaped vibrator. That said, not everybody likes the ridges.


  • 12 vibration patterns AND 3 electric shock settings
  • Made from body-safe, pink silicone
  • Bluetooth functionality (smartphone-operated with free app)
  • Flexible cord handle makes it perfect for internal and external stimulation
  • USB rechargeable (cable provided)
  • Dimensions: Length: 19cm (with cord), Diameter: 3.2cm

What is an Egg Vibrator?

An egg vibrator (also known as love eggs and bullet vibrators) is a small, egg-shaped vibrating device used for sexual stimulation. They generally lack the intensity of larger, wand vibrators, but are considerably cheaper, quieter, and more discreet.

Egg vibrators are excellent for clitoral, G-spot, anal, and nipple stimulation and are suitable for both bedroom and naughty public play. Many manufacturers make them from body-safe silicone, but other materials used include plastic and rubber.

Types of egg vibrators

Let’s run through the different types of vibrator eggs on the adult market. Thanks to technological advancements, the industry is more versatile and devilish than ever.

Remote control: These feel a touch old-school already! But remote control-operated egg vibrators allow for hands-free masturbation and satisfying couple’s play. Your lover will be able to tweak the vibration speed and patterns from many meters away.

Bluetooth: Why not make distance irrelevant with a Bluetooth egg vibrator? It doesn’t matter where your partner is, they can control your pleasure and orgasms from their smartphone – great for stifling boredom and keeping the fun going when apart.

Dual egg: Stimulate yourself from both ends with a dual or double egg vibrator. Ideal for ramping up your arousal, these unlock new levels of erotic sensations. Use anally and vaginally or stimulate your G-spot and clitoris at the same time!

How to Use an Egg Vibrator (Fun Ideas!)

If you are new to sex toys or egg-shaped vibrators, don’t worry – Sex Harmony’s experts have you covered. Let’s discuss some options for external and internal stimulation and explore how to utilize these little devices individually and with your lover.

External stimulation

Riding solo? Then guide yourself to pleasure with external stimulation on your clitoris. Eggs with flexible cords are perfect for this, and you can flick through vibration patterns and speeds until you find the setup that makes you gush!

Powerful egg vibrators can play a role during intercourse, too. As your partner penetrates you, hold the device against your clitoris to trigger vibrations for you both. Or have them use the vibe to stimulate any of your erogenous zones!

Internal stimulation

This is where remote and smartphone-controlled love eggs thrive. Slip the vibrator in vaginally or anally (or both with a dual egg!) and let your lover manage your arousal and bring you to a hands-free orgasm. Or they could deny you if feeling cruel!

Remote-controlled play is fun behind closed doors, but it’s on another level in the outside world. You could slide the egg inside, pull up your underwear, and allow your partner to play around at the shops, over dinner, at the cinema, or anywhere!

Internal love egg stimulation is also possible during intercourse. Enjoy more powerful and satisfying orgasms while your partner penetrates you by popping the vibrator into your free hole. It’s up to you who takes charge of the remote control!

Finding the Best Egg Vibrator For You (Buyer’s Guide)

If all this chatter about vibrator eggs has got you going, you may be ready to dive in. But not so fast! Calm down for a second and check out this buyer’s guide, so you can find the perfect vibrator when shopping!

Vibration patterns and speeds

Versatility and unpredictability are often the coolest things about egg vibrators. The more vibration speeds and patterns a device has, the better! I say this for new players in particular, who are still experimenting and unsure what works best.

Many egg-shaped and bullet vibrators have a dozen or so settings, but a few brands offer 20 or more. However, with that many, they can get a little samey.

Control options

Does the toy come with a remote control or smartphone app feature? If remote control, what is the distance range? Can you change the vibration settings via the device or only by the remote? Ask yourself these questions before purchasing!


Waterproof egg vibrators tend to be higher quality, although it’s not necessarily a must-have feature. It depends on the sort of activities you want to experience on your own or with your other half.

If shower sex or hot tub fun is on the agenda, you will need a waterproof vibrator. But if you only plan to play with the love egg in bed, you could go without.


Silicone, plastic, and skin-safe rubber are your three main options for vibrating love eggs. Silky-smooth silicone is my favorite and highly recommended if you have sensitive skin – the velvety texture makes these vibrators so, so comfortable.

Plastic is a possibility, although expect a firmer and harder feel. Skin-safe rubber is more flexible and some find it the most comfortable of the three. Whatever material you go for, ensure that is phthalate-free and safe for the skin.

Important advice: Never use silicone-based lubricants with a silicone egg vibrator. These toys are only compatible with water-based lubes.


It’s no good purchasing a big egg vibrator if you are extremely tight down there. And if you need thickness for true satisfaction, a slender vibrator for beginners will probably leave you feeling frustrated.

Check the dimensions (diameter and total length) before you buy. Pictures on product pages can be deceptive. 

Where to Buy Excellent Egg Vibrators

Like what you've read about egg-shaped vibes and want to experiment for yourself? Sex Harmony has an array of high-quality devices that cater to various types of sexual desire.

Pick up a standard egg vibrator for solo masturbation or enhance play with your partner by investing in a remote-control toy. The possibilities are endless and so is the fun!

1: BI-014362HP


3: LHR-52423

4: BNG-AG331-PUR

5: BI-014609HP-1

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