5 Best Sexual Collars of 2022

5 Best Sexual Collars of 2022

Sexual collars are perfect for dipping your toes into BDSM as an affordable way of establishing power dynamics in the bedroom. If you want to assert your ownership over your partner or bring a bratty submissive to heel, this is a must-have sex toy.

Collars are among the best-selling bondage equipment in the adult industry and are manufactured by many well-known companies. We are going to take a deep dive into this market today, with a top five product review and buyer’s guide.

We will also explore how to play with choker collars in a safe, sane, and consensual manner and discuss whether this is the right fetish toy for you. But let’s start with the five best BDSM collars you can buy right now.

Top 5 Begin Here

1) Adam and Eve – Eve’s Fetish Dreams Collar and Leash

Take your bondage fantasies to the next level with this stylish diamond-stitch padded collar and leash set from Adam and Eve. It fits softly and comfortably yet oh-so-securely around your submissive partner’s neck, so you can assume total control.

This Fetish Dreams collar is fully adjustable and buckles at the back, fitting up to an 18.5-inch neck. The 2.4-inch collar width is not overbearing but leaves the wearer in no doubt over their objectification!

Adam and Eve successfully pull off the classic fetish look here, with the black-colored collar, dark metal buckles, chains, and rivets. The toy has a sturdy and durable feel but is soft where it matters (the collar and the hand loop!).

Have your lover wear this when you aren’t around as a reminder of who owns them or attach the leash to show them who’s in charge. The swivel snap hook makes fitting and removing the leash easy, ensuring it doesn’t cause any distraction during play.

I am impressed by this Adam and Eve sexual collar and delighted to see them using vegan leather. It’s safe, well-crafted, simple to use, and ideal for beginners and experienced players – and it won’t break the bank!


Collar: 2.4” wide, fits up to an 18.5” neck

Leash: 36” total length – 29.5” chain, 6.5” hand loop

2) Master Series – Collar with Nose Hook

Collar your submissive and humiliate them while you’re at it with this creative leather Collar and Nose Hook set from Master Series. It’s an excellent piece for sub training and bringing physical and psychological restraint to your kinky play.

Style-wise, it’s a no-frills black collar with no fancy design to comment on. The fully adjustable buckle is positioned at the front, but there is no other option given the nose strap wraps over the head from the back.

This Master Series collar fits softly and snugly around the neck, with the leather ensuring no skin irritation. Any pain should come from the dominant person in the relationship – not the manufacturer!

Why choose a collar with a nose hook? Firstly, it’s unique, and the surprise is sure to trigger a spike in your sub’s arousal. The nose hook also challenges their willpower and ability to keep posture. Maybe you could punish them if they wriggle out of it.

I don’t recommend this toy for beginners, who would be better starting with a standard sexual play collar. But for intermediate and advanced kinksters seeking something new, the restraint element of a nose hook could work a treat.


Collar: Fits up to a 17.5” neck

Nose strap: 20” in length

3) Master Series – Chrome Slave Collar

Hardcore BDSM players looking to magnify the D/s power games should consider this Chrome Slave Collar from Master Series. A step up on the typical leather collar, the chrome oozes style, adds weight, and super-charges the erotic tension.

Yet even with all that, it retains a graceful simplicity. There’s no cheesy artwork or writing on the metal, just the company logo on the inside surface. This chrome collar speaks for itself, with its minimalistic design and perfectly positioned O-ring.  

Unlike cheaper collars, which secure via a buckle, the Master Series Slave Collar locks onto the neck, opening and closing with the allen wrench provided. This makes for a sturdier and less wriggly fit, deepening the sensation of submission.

Master Series does not include a leash with its collar, which you could perhaps expect for the price. But if you are a fetishist investing in such high-quality equipment, I imagine you would prefer to choose the leash yourself.

Admittedly, it’s a costly toy, and not suited to first-timers. But you get what you pay for with this slave collar, meaning beautiful aesthetics, expert crafting, and a well-placed O-ring so you can attach your favorite leash. And, of course, it’s 100% safe. 


Minimum diameter: 5.75” (approximately)

Height: 0.8”

Width: 0.28”

4) NS Novelties – Bondage Couture: Collar and Leash (Blue)

Incorporate pet play into your BDSM activities with a classy Blue Collar and Leash from NS Novelties. A jewel in the brand’s stylish Bondage Couture collection, it’s a gorgeous and affordable piece that appeals to all experience levels.

NS Novelties opts for polyurethane leather (i.e., synthetic leather) for the collar and hand loop, and nickel-free metal for the chain. These are great material choices that keep you safe during play while protecting the animals we share the planet with!

You can adjust the collar for a comfortable and safe fit, and the PU leather won’t irritate your skin, even with extended wear. The leash has a swivel snap hook that attaches and removes from the collar’s D-ring with ease.

The Bondage Couture Collar and Leash is aesthetically pleasing and would prove a stellar addition to any kinky toy set. Your lover will look and feel the submissive part and you will effortlessly assume the dominant role once you grab hold of the leash!


Collar: 18.23” x 1.22” x 0.43” (46.3 x 3.1 x 1.09cm)

Leash: 43.5” x 0.83” x 0.43” (110.49 x 2.11 x 1.09cm)

5) Lux Fetish – Collar and Nipple Clips

Dish out pain and pleasure to your sub with Lux Fetish’s cute Collar and Nipple Clip set. This accessible fetish toy has a D-ring fitted to the front of the collar, as well as two lengthy chains with nipple clamps attached to them. 

The Velcro collar will drop your partner into subspace before you put them through their paces with doses of erotic pain. Intensify and relax the pinch as necessary or simply leave them to suffer as the clamps take their toll! 

This collar and nipple clip set is perfect for adventurous newbies. It’s fairly priced, introduces the concept of erotic pain, and even comes with a satin blindfold so you can experiment with sensory play. But the equipment is of middling quality. 

Frustratingly, Lux Fetish does not provide precise measurements, only noting that the collar is fully adjustable and fits most users. If you have a relatively large neck (19 inches or more), this might not be the product for you.


Fully adjustable collar (fits most users)

What is a Sexual Collar?

A sexual collar is an item worn around the neck of a submissive person in a BDSM relationship. The collar serves a symbolic purpose, indicating the slave status of the wearer, who is often described as “collared” – much like a pet and its owner!

The most common BDSM collars are made of leather (real or synthetic), although you can also buy chrome, stainless steel, PVC, and rubber ones, too. Some brands add a bondage element to these devices, such as nipple clamps and nose hooks.

Most collars attach around the wearer’s neck with a buckle. Cheaper brands may use Velcro while high-end companies sometimes go for a lock and key feature.

Sex collars typically have an O-ring or D-ring, from which the dom can attach a leash. Many products come with a leash, although don’t assume they do. Leashes are a fantastic way of enhancing the power dynamic when playing with collars. 

How to Use Sexual Choker Collars Safely

BDSM toys like collars and leashes can spice up your sex life and intensify things between you and your partner – but only if played with safely and responsibly.

Dominant/submissive (D/s) interactions demand excellent communication and an understanding of the risks with any equipment you use. Ensure you are both on the same page before engaging in play with sexual collars.

Following a BDSM philosophical framework can enhance your experience and give both the dom and sub peace of mind when indulging in those darkest of fantasies.

Safe, Sane, and Consensual (SSC) and Risk-Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) are popular BDSM safety philosophies. Before you get the collar out, I suggest reading up on these and agreeing on an approach with your partner.

Maybe you are an experienced BDSMer and know all this already. But it's essential information for the newbies!

Many kinky partners go for the collar as soon as playtime begins. Fitting the collar is an effective way of setting the mood and shifting the dom and sub into an erotically-charged mindset.

You want a snug and secure fit that leaves the wearer feeling owned, but the collar should never restrict breathing. The leash is voluntary but great if dabbling in pet play. 

Using shock collars in sexual play

Shock collars are electrified sex collars and superb for obedience training. Often operated by remote control, these are advanced fetish toys designed for experienced players in strong and trusting BDSM relationships.

Some shock collars simply vibrate at the whims of the dominant, but others administer a genuine electric shock! If your pet does something wrong, you can give them a painful reality check to ensure they don’t make the same mistake again!

Is a Sexual Collar Right for Us?

A collar is a beautiful way of emphasizing dominance and submissive roles in a relationship. It’s something that many couples experiment with during their BDSM journey. I especially recommend them for novice players looking for symbolism.

However, I advise against sexual collars for submissive partners with breathing problems and those who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. The feeling around the neck may become overwhelming and potentially even unsafe.

How to Choose a BDSM Sexual Collar (Buyer’s Guide)

So, you have decided to bring a sex collar into the bedroom. I’m excited for you! But with so many brands and different styles to choose from, it’s easy to become daunted. Here are five things to look for when shopping for BDSM collars!

Size and comfort

If it doesn’t fit safely and comfortably (or at least erotically!), you can forget about the rest. Thankfully, most manufacturers provide precise product measurements and advice on the neck sizes their collars are compatible with.

Type of play

Think about the activities you want to try. If pet play is on the agenda, you need a collar and leash set. If collaring is purely symbolic, the leash may be surplus to your requirements.

Does your submissive lover like being restrained or subjected to pain? If so, consider a collar that comes with a nose hook or nipple clamps.

Collar style

Ownership collars, day collars, training collars, play collars, protection collars… the possibilities are endless! And then there are collar designs and themes to think about.

Perhaps you want a collar with a specific LGBT theme. These are popular sex toys and there is no shortage of options, so take the time to find something suitable!


Delightfully soft leather is the most widely-used collar material. Don’t worry if you have ethical hang-ups over the real thing – many manufacturers use artificial leather instead! 

If leather doesn't do it for you, how about PVC or rubber? And for a show of true dominance that literally weighs heavy on the wearer, try a stainless-steel or chrome collar.


It doesn’t matter whether you are counting the pennies or have cash to splash – the perfect sexual collar is out there waiting for you! Of course, the more you spend, the better the materials, manufacturing, and aesthetics.

If you are new to BDSM, I suggest starting with a cheapish product. That doesn’t mean going for the tackiest bargain basement item, but don’t splurge on a top-of-the-range collar until you know that you enjoy this type of play.

There are so many toys and activities to explore in the BDSM world – so don’t burn your budget all at once!

Where to Buy High-Quality Sexual Collars

Right here, at Sex Harmony! Our BDSM sexperts have trawled through the adult industry searching for the finest and safest sex collars – and only the very best have made the cut. But we still cater to all tastes and preferences.

So, if you have a submissive that needs collaring, pick something from our store and begin showing them who’s boss!

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