Njoy Pure Wand Review

Njoy Pure Wand Review

The Njoy pure wand is known by many names amongst sex toy enthusiasts. Some of its nicknames include; queen of G-spot and intense prostate stimulator. For those who have never used the Njoy pure wand, you may be surprised by this toy's popularity. After all, it doesn't vibrate, thrust or do anything on its own. In this Njoy pure wand review, we will unravel why it is considered the best sex toy of all time. 

What is the Njoy Pure Wand? 

It's a product of Njoy sex toys, a renowned manufacturer in the adult industry. The pure wand is a curved stainless steel crescent shaft with two bulbous ends of varying sizes. The smaller tip has a 1-inch diameter, and the larger one is slightly bigger with a 1.5-inch diameter. The entire toy, with the tips included, measures eight inches. It's a heavy toy that weighs around 2 lbs. Besides that, it's shiny and looks remarkable. When held, the toy feels luxurious and of decent quality. 

This erotic piece of art comes packaged in a fancy gift box. The packaging is pretty discreet, and the box is quite durable. It can, therefore, be used for storage. Inside the box, the Njoy pure wand is placed on top of a pink-satin pillow. Everything about this wand is elegant. 

Isn't the Njoy Too Heavy for a Sex Toy? 

Before we look at some of the pleasures the Njoy pure wand can help you fulfill, we should briefly discuss the weight. As mentioned earlier, this toy weighs 1.5 lbs. That translates to 680 grams. So, is this a sex toy or a weapon? 

The heavy weight of the Njoy is designed to increase the pressure exerted on your p or g-spot. This feature, paired with the curved design, gives you better 'handling' of the toy. Unlike light toys that slip out when things get intense. The heaviness enables the Njoy to hold its ground until you are done climaxing. Also, as things heat up down there, this toy won't bend or twist because of its solid build. 

Anyway, if you find the pure wand to be heavy, you can always switch hands. Or even better, you can use it as a couple's sex toy. Your partner can do all the heavy lifting as you enjoy a mind-blowing orgasm.

What Pleasures Can You Explore with the Njoy Pure Wand? 

This wand is designed for g-spot and p-spot stimulation. This is the right wand for you if you have never climaxed from either of these two types of stimulation. 

How does the Njoy pure wand work? It's all about the toy's design. The bulbous ends of the pure wand target the g-spot and p-spot much easier than a finger or other toy. When inserted in the anus or vagina, the bulbous ends press against the g-spot or prostrate, triggering a tingling sensation. At first, inserting the Njoy pure wand may be a bit uncomfortable. So, it's advisable to go slow. The bulbous ends are of different sizes to allow the user to gauge the toy's intensity. 

The bulbous ends aren't the only parts that get the job done. The curve of the pure wand also has a role to play. When inserting this toy into your vagina, you should ensure the curve is pointed upwards. This makes it easier for the toy to find your g-spot. The same also applies to the p-spot. Besides making it easier for the wand to find your g-spot or p-spot, the curve also makes thrusting easier. 

Let's get into detail on how you can use this toy for both p and g-spot stimulation. 

How to Stimulate Your P-spot with the Njoy Pure Wand? 

The blunt truth is that anal play isn't for every man. But for those who are into butt stuff, p-spot stimulation is 100% worth exploring, especially with a toy such as the Njoy. Penile orgasms are amazing but aren't half as pleasurable as prostate orgasms. Since this isn't a debate to compare these two types of orgasms, let's dive into how you can use this toy for p-spot stimulation. 

First, you have to figure out where the prostate is located. It's around three inches inside the anus and is attached to the anterior wall. With some little research, you should be able to locate your prostate. 

With the above information, go to the washroom first for a cleaner experience. Loosen up your muscles and try to get into the mood for it. Lubricate the side of the smaller tip and gently press it into your anus. Go slow until the tip pops in and reaches the prostate. You can begin playing around with the toy until you find a rhythm that stimulates the p-spot. For most men, the smaller tip often gets the job done. But you can switch to the bigger bulb if you prefer something more intense. 

Due to the heavy weight of the Njoy, it will be easier to apply pressure to the p-spot. Also, it won't slip out of your anus. Play with the wand until you get a prostate orgasm. You can stroke your penis and touch your nipples and testicles for a more euphoric sensation. Prostate orgasms are amazing and will make you fall in love with your Njoy pure wand. 

How to Stimulate Your G-spot with the Njoy Pure Wand? 

G-spot orgasms are equally as pleasurable as p-spot stimulation. The Njoy pure wand is an excellent tool for g-spot stimulation. Before you slide it in, start with some foreplay. Most women receive more pleasure by inserting the bigger tip. But if it's your first time, use the smaller tip. 

Because the Njoy pure wand is curved, it can easily reach the g-spot. Insert the wand with the other end facing your belly button. When you reach the g-spot, you can stimulate it in many ways. For some women, gentle thrusts are more effective. Others prefer circular motions. It's all up to you to decide. You should also know that this wand tends to cause squirting orgasms. It's a good idea to buy a waterproof mattress, as well. 

When you finally get the hang of it, you can turn to the bigger bulb for intense stimulation. It's important to be gentle with the Njoy pure wand. Ladies who enjoy butt play, you can also insert it into your anus. 

The Perfect Toy for Temperature Play 

G and p-spot stimulation aren't the only pleasures this pure wand fulfills. The Njoy will introduce you to the art of temperature play. The stainless-steel toy is pretty cold when touched. It's even colder when you insert it into your anus or vagina. If you feel extra kinky, put it in the fridge before use to make it colder. However, most people prefer to warm it up by placing it inside some hot water.

Pros of the Njoy Pure Wand 

  • It's heavy and offers more pressure to the p-spot and g-spot

    • The stainless-steel design makes it exceptionally smooth

    • This toy can also be used for temperature play because it warms or cools down pretty quickly

    • Doubles as both a g-spot and p-spot stimulator

    • The curved design enables easy access to the g-spot and p-spot

    • Users have the option to insert the smaller or larger side

    • It's easy to clean 

Any Drawbacks?

Yes. There are only two; 

  • It may be a bit overwhelming for beginners

    • It only facilitates internal play (the Njoy doesn't vibrate or thrust)

How to Take Care of Your Njoy? 

For a toy that brings you so much pleasure, it's important to take proper care of it. Because it's made using stainless steel, which is non-porous, the Njoy doesn't need a lot of maintenance. Cleaning this toy is pretty straightforward. There are no openings or batteries. You only need to wash it with soap and warm water. Then dry it with a clean microfiber cloth before storage or use. 

Sterilizing the pure wand is crucial in ensuring safe use. Soaking the wand in boiling water for at least ten minutes will kill any bacteria or germs on the surface. Storage is also crucial in ensuring the Njoy pure wand lasts longer. Keep it in the packaging box it was delivered in. 

What Do People Have to Say about the Njoy Pure Wand?  

Our review would be incomplete without the input of people who have tried the Njoy pure wand. It doesn't matter whether you love sex toys or not. Everyone is always skeptical about buying a new toy. Hearing testimonials from actual users can help you make an informed decision. 

Here are some of the things people have to say about the Njoy pure wand; 

  • It's the best sex toy for women who struggle with squirting orgasms. No wonder it's called the queen of the G-spot.

    • The Njoy's curved design allows it to reach easily and intensely stimulate the p-spot. Most men who are into prostate massages have praised this pure wand for its effectiveness.

    • Most users like how easy it is to clean.

    • Some people complain about the weight of the toy. But also admit that its heaviness assists with exerting more pressure on the prostate or g-spot. 

Most of the reviews and testimonials of the Njoy pure wand you will come across are positive. A clear indication that this is indeed a life-changing sex toy. 

Thinking about Adding the Njoy Pure Wand to Your Collection? 

This wand was built for sex toy enthusiasts that crave g-spot and p-spot stimulation. It has a learning curve, mainly due to the crescent-shaped shaft. But once you get the hang of it, you will orgasm like never before. 

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