Big Dildos


Learn More About Big Dildos

Expand your horizons and stretch yourself with a big dildo. If short and slender dongs have left you dripping for more, it’s time to fill your hungry holes with something lengthier and meatier. Sex Harmony’s big dongs will do the trick!

Fittingly, we have an enormous selection of these massive sex toys from renowned adult toy manufacturers such as Blush Novelties, Adam and Eve, and Skinsations. Let’s discover more about big dildos and discuss whether they may work for you!

What is a Big Dildo?

A big dildo is an insertable phallic-shaped sex toy resembling an above-average cock. Dongs come in several sizes, but we classify big dildos as measuring seven inches or more – they also tend to be girthier than your standard dildo.

These sex toys are ideal for solo masturbation and playing with a lover. They could also work well in BDSM fun if the dominant partner wants to stretch and test their sub.

Big dildos are suitable for anal and vaginal insertion, and you can also suck on them to pretend to give a blowjob. Ultimately, they are versatile sex toys and, while not for beginners, big dildos can amplify fun in the bedroom and give you stronger orgasms.

Types of Big Dildos For Sale at Sex Harmony

Sex Harmony has hundreds of big dildos that can provide pleasure to your holes. Let’s delve deeper into the materials used and different dildo types on the market.

Big Silicone Dildo

Non-porous silicone is a stellar dildo material that brings safety and softness to your penetrative play – essential for sizeable hole-stretching toys!

Moreover, silicone’s lifelike texture makes for more realistic sensations than other big dildos. However, you can only use water-based lubricants with silicone sex toys.

Big Black Dildo

Satisfy your cravings for a large, dark pleasure rod with a massive black dildo from Sex Harmony. We stock numerous black dongs, including a high-end toy based on the manhood of well-known adult entertainment star Shane Diesel.

The 10-inch dildo brings a realistic element to your dark fantasies, with the balls, shaft, and veins in the mold of the man himself. This toy from New Sensations Novelties is waterproof, phthalate-free, and has a suction cup base!

Big Suction Cup Dildo

Ride or thrust your way to a hands-free orgasm with a suction cup dildo. It’s a fantastic feature for thick, weighty dongs, as you can concentrate entirely on your arousal and the penetration rather than manipulating the toy in and out.

Dildos with a suction cup base are excellent for anal play and make strap-on fun a possibility. You will need to purchase a harness separately, but if you have ever fancied exploring pegging, a big suction cup dildo is the best toy for the job.

How to Use a Big Dildo

The longer and thicker the dildo, the more challenging penetration becomes. If you aren’t sufficiently stretched out, practice with a smaller toy so your body can adjust.

When ready to thrust that cock deep inside, ensure the dildo and your chosen hole are lubed up. Shoving a dry toy in your vagina or anus won’t be pleasurable, but it might be painful – and it could even cause microtears.

Relax and ease in the lubricated dildo, gently prodding away until your hole opens up. Don’t force the issue and push too fast or deep. The more gradually you insert the dildo, the more accepting your body will likely be. Then you can take things up a notch!

How to Clean a Big Dildo

  1. Rinse the dildo with water to wash away any debris
  2. Apply toy cleaner to the dildo and scrub the entire surface area
  3. Rinse the dildo again and wipe it with a wet paper towel
  4. Airdry (in a discreet space!)

Is a Big Dildo Right for Me?

Don't feel pressured to go bigger for the sake of it - you may be happy with your regular-sized dildo! 

However, if you have been craving girthier toys and deeper penetration, upgrading to a big dildo is the logical next step. All that's left is to decide what type of toy you want.

Feeling a bit intimidated by these monster dongs? Then check out Sex Harmony's dildo collection page and browse for more suitable toys.