Black Dildos


Learn More About Black Dildos

Satisfy your deepest and darkest fantasies with a big black dildo from Sex Harmony. We have a selection of long, thick dildos, double-enders, suction cup dildos, realistic dongs, vibrating toys, and more. And you can get them all in brilliant black!

What is a Black Dildo?

A black dildo is a cock-shaped sex toy used by those who want to satiate their black dick desires. For those who prefer it dark, these dildos are perfect – and they often come in lengthier and girthier sizes than standard dongs.

Black dildos are an ever-popular choice for vaginal and anal penetration. If you have a fetish for and fantasize over black cock, this is the best type of dildo. And, of course, it looks ultra-stylish when sliding in and out.

The Best Black Dildos For Sale at Sex Harmony

In this section, we will go deeper into classic black dildos, realistic dildos, double-sided dongs, inflatable dicks, and more. There is a dildo out there for everyone!

Big Black Dildos

Let’s start with the traditional black dildos sold at Sex Harmony. These include silicone, PVC, and TPE dongs, which are excellent for anal and vaginal play. For peace of mind, we only stock body-safe, phthalate-free sex toys.  

Realistic Black Dildos

If smooth, slick dildos don’t get your juices flowing, a realistic black dildo designed with balls, veins, and a cock head and slit might be what you need for orgasmic bliss.

Gripping a dildo with that textured feel will immerse you in the idea that you are playing with the real thing! Indeed, Sex Harmony even stocks black realistic dildos based on the members of famous adult entertainers.

Double-Sided Dildos

Double the penetration and the orgasms with a double-sided black dildo. Choose these for simultaneous anal and vaginal fun or for mutual masturbation with your lover.

Some double-sided dildos have the same girth at each end. Others have different thickness levels – you might not be able to take as much in one of your holes!

Inflatable Black Dildos

Stretch, stretch, and stretch some more with an inflatable black dildo! If typical amounts of girth don’t properly pleasure you, the gradually increasing nature of an inflatable dildo could be right up your alley.

Some people enjoy masturbating alone with these and seeing how much they can handle; others prefer ceding control to a dominating partner. You could be at their mercy as they keep inflating until you drown in spine-tingling pleasure!

How to Use a Black Dildo

Using a black dildo is the same as playing with any insertable sex toy. If you haven’t used a dildo before, start small – and don’t panic, we sell small black dildos, too!

Don’t buy a thick black dildo if sex toy penetration is new for you. Find something slender and use plenty of lubrication. While the vagina self-lubricates, the anus doesn’t - and lube helps eliminate friction so you can indulge in pain-free pleasure.

Experiment with different thrusting depths and speeds until you settle on the optimum pattern and rhythm. We don’t all enjoy the same things. Some like it thick and deep, whereas others get more enjoyment from tender penetration.

And communication is crucial if you let your partner take charge! If you aren’t telling them what feels fantastic and what is underwhelming or even painful, your black dildo experience won’t go as planned. 

How to Clean a Black Dildo

Your dildo should be spick and span every time you want to play – that means cleaning after each use! After all, that thing has been inside your privates! You don’t want juices festering and making your large black dildo manky in between play.

Wash your toy with warm water, liquid soap, and/or toy cleaner. Rinse for at least 20 seconds after washing and then air-dry the toy. Airdrying ensures all nooks and crannies are fully dry, which you cannot guarantee when drying with a towel.

Is a Black Dildo Right for Me?

Whether a black dildo is the sex toy for you depends on personal preference. Some prefer an all-black design for various reasons – there’s a reason why so many manufacturers make black dildos! If the thought turns you on, go for it!

Unsure about this type of dildo? Visit our dildo collection page to see more.