Calexotics is a highly-acclaimed, well established sex toy brand that specialises in novelty, luxury and unbeatably stylish Y2K designs and products. 


The California based brand has taken home 125 awards since 2011 alone for its feats in manufacturing, unique design and packaging, sexual wellness education and of course; the companies top-market range of mind-blowing sex toys. 


Calexotics toys proudly stands in the industry as a wholly female-owned company, and designs its collection of women's wellness toys with the intention of uplifting ladies everywhere and connecting them with their bodies, sexuality and shameless desires for insurmountable pleasure. 


While the brand maintains a positive and uplifting female-centric approach in the industry, inclusivity is just as important to Calexotics.  


You’ll find toys and accessories catered to the unquenchable needs of its ever-growing male customer base, adventurous couples' products and even a hefty selection of extremely daring and exciting fetish gear. 


Not to mention a high-quality, beautifully designed selection of hands-free products, perfect for those with limited mobility but a completely unlimited sex drive! 


Everything made and manufactured by Calexotics is done so to promote and open new doors for exploration, self-love and adventure. No matter the gender, age, needs or sexuality of its user. 



What Is Calexotics? 


Founded in 1994 by multi-award-winning business woman Susan Colvin; Calexotics has become a beloved and meaningful staple in the sexual health and pleasure-seeking communities. 


Susan Colvin brought the company to life with her undying commitment to ignite passion, intimacy, romance and earth-shattering pleasure in couples and individuals alike. 


As an extremely health-conscious woman, Susan has invested years of (consistently ongoing) research about sexual health and personal wellness to build her brand and continue to improve the Calexotics product range. 


The trust and health of its customers is vital to the company's mission. It strives to be what is essentially an ambassador for healthy and experimental masturbation; explored in a way that satisfies a person's sexual needs but also aids in relaxation, a peaceful state of mind and even something as simple as better sleep. 


Calexotics believe masturbation to be an essential element of being human, something that soothes our bodies and minds, and can be harnessed for more benefits than just an orgasm alone. 


With this in mind, in almost 30 years the brand has built up an impressively beautiful, fun and well-researched range of sexual wellness products. Time, passion and care has been put into each item, ensuring the best possible visual stimulation from every design, and nothing short of a guaranteed exhilarating experience. 



Product Design 


The products themselves are unique in the fact that they embody the quality and care of an upmarket luxury range, while the designs and packaging take on a much more novelty, light-hearted and fun style. 


Within the vast and varied range of dildos for example, many of the sizes come in a gorgeously see-through sky blue and pastel pink; not unlike the bright and eye-catching sex toy aesthetic you may have seen in late 90’s and early 2000’s porn videos. 


The design of Calexotics wellness products and sexual aids certainly seem to be a very light and subtle homage to an age of sexual exploration that was boldly and shamelessly loud; that brought sex toys into the mainstream with bubbly colours and dramatic packaging that was nothing short of visually exciting. 


The block color style that many of the butt plugs, cock rings and massagers are designed in certainly don’t veer away from this; sporting neon yellows and forest greens that spark a real curiosity and intrigue about the product due to its unconventional appearance. 


This is where I believe the real beauty and uniqueness lies in the Calexotics range; as the unusual, eye-catching colors paired with the delicately soft curves and inviting bulbous tips are almost art-like in their appearance. 


The simple, uncomplicated and familiar nature of the toy shapes let you know exactly what the product is and what it can be used for, while the amusing color schemes open the door for personalisation, and honestly make you want to display such a beautifully designed and lively product right on your bedside table for all to see! 


Like a sculpted piece of art! 


Alongside a fun, visual aesthetic that comes straight out of a brilliantly camp 2000’s movie; you’ll also find the expertly crafted textures pretty hard to beat. 


Each product has been designed with a smooth, indulgent and silky feel to completely maximise sexual immersion and enhance pleasure. 


Ribbed toys in the range, such as The Gripper hand masturbator, feature skin-like textures and a specially beaded interior that fully submerge the senses in a familiar feel, while somehow igniting a whole new level of stimulation and explosive pleasure. 


Products such as the Rabbit massagers will have you reeling at the plush exterior; expertly crafted to caress the clitoris with pinpointed pulsations all the while relaxing and treating your body to its supple, almost velvety, feel. 


At its core, Calexotics toys have been manufactured to deliver heightened, full-body sensations that open you up to whole new heights of both pleasure and relaxation. 


The vibration settings on massagers and vibes are fully customisable, allowing you to explore your body at your own pace, and up the intensity to the absolute max if you find yourself unable to resist the powerful throes of pleasure. 


The designs and functions are being continually improved, reimagined and researched to ensure every user is being given the most visually stunning and physically satisfying experience and product possible. 





All of the materials used to make the exciting Calexotics wellness range are of extremely high-quality, and tested to meet all regulations. 


The toys have been carefully constructed with the use of specially sourced TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), ABS plastics, high grade silicones and PVC plastics. 


Every one of these ingredients is body-safe, fluid resistant, Phthalate free, and chosen meticulously for their durability and longevity. 


Each toy is compatible with water-based lubrication; and the sleek, non-porous textures make for an exceptionally easy clean-up of all lubes and fluids. 


It is highly recommended that the Calexotics toy range be thoroughly cleaned after each use, and kept in a dry place away from direct sunlight. 


As a brand that cares deeply about physical health and wellness, it really does advise against improper toy cleaning and bacterial infections! 


The infinitely tempting wearable fetish gear and handcuff selection in the Calexotics range are made using nylons, spandex and vegan leathers. 


These sinfully seductive collections purposely use materials that are easily adjusted and inclusive of body size, as well as being durable for both hardcore play and thorough cleaning. 



Pros and Cons 


There is very little negative to say about such a self-assured, individualized and shamelessly quirky yet top-market brand. 


The huge variety alone is astounding, with everything your horny little heart could possibly desire. From classic vibrators and dildos all the way across to electro-stimulation toys, nipple cuffs and penis pumps. 


Calexotics takes both the familiar and the more adventurous, and completely reimagines them through a deluxe, thrilling lense. 


I personally admire the achievements and bold artistry that has been injected into the world of sex toys by this female-owned company. It embodies its goal of inclusivity and guilt-free masturbation, all the while refusing to conform to mainstream wellness trends and aesthetics. 


It truly does take on the definition of a feminist and freethinking brand that is absolutely a top choice for its similarly sex-positive, freethinking and experimental customers. 


Just like in its values and image, there has been no compromise on quality and durability on Calexotics products. 


The toys and wearable accessories alike feel made for the skin, and incite nothing but blissful relaxation and submission to their physical stimulation. 


While each toy is guaranteed to bring you to an almost otherworldly orgasm, the wearable and enticing outfit ranges are sure to get you into the sexy, seductive mindset; bringing you one step closer to an earth-shattering experience. 


The company really did think of everything that goes into an enjoyable and fulfilling play time, completely in line with brand ethos that sex and masturbation is about so much more than just the orgasm.  


With toys for foreplay, teasing, experimenting and fetish-play; Calexotics has made sure that every element of sex or a solo-session is as fun, gratifying and exciting as the climax. 



Final Thoughts 


Calexotics truly leaves nothing to be desired. 


The brand fills up a space on the market for those who want premium, top-quality sex toys but like their products to have an essence of personality and whimsy. 


There is a huge misconception that bright, lively and novelty products are cheap or flimsy in nature, and Calexotics completely blows this stereotype off the map. 


These multi award-winning toys and accessories combine luxury textures, materials and experiences with fun and individualized aesthetics that can honestly be difficult to find with more conventionally modern, minimalist brands. 


I can deeply appreciate a company that knows its values, knows its products, knows the current trends but is not at all afraid to experiment and satisfy a customer base that wants something a little more unusual and refreshing. 



Where Can I Buy? 


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