• Introducing the Sex Harmony Dildo Range

    Big, small, inflatable, realistic, vibrating, double-sided – Sex Harmony has all your dildo needs covered! We have more than 1,000 dildos in our store, categorized into collections so you can easily find the perfect type, size, and material. Dildos are perfect for solo masturbation, couple’s play, and BDSM fun and can be enjoyed by everyone. If you are ready to spice up your sex life, then explore our range today!

    Glass Dildos

    These pretty, weighty, and extra-firm dildos offer style and substance. The artistic designs and gleaming appearance are pleasing to the eye, while the icy-cool feel and rock-hard nubs and ridges make for heightened erotic sensations.

    What’s more, playing with high-quality glass dildos is totally safe. The non-porous material eliminates the risk of bacteria and other nasties seeping into the toy and causing a health hazard. We strongly believe that safe play is the best play!

    Glass dildos are wildly popular, versatile, and perfect for G-spot stimulation, prostate massage, and more. Click here to see Sex Harmony’s full collection of glass dildos and to learn more about these best-selling sex toys.

    Huge Dildos

    Go deeper and stretch further with one of our giant dildos! If regular insertable toys aren’t hitting the spot as you crave, it’s time to go bigger and thicker. And we have so many exciting options for you to do just that!

    Perhaps you want to upsize to a 7-inch dildo, or maybe you have designs on a 10-inch dildo or even a 12-inch dildo! All our insertable dongs are phthalate-free and body-safe and will help you unlock new levels of sexual pleasure.

    Curious to learn more about big dildos and how to get the most from them? Then check out our entire Sex Harmony collection, complete with information on how to use these enormous sex toys!

    Double Sided Dildos

    Double the penetration and the fun with a naughty double-ended dildo. These insertables may look like they are for advanced players, but you don’t need experience with sex toys to have a thrilling time with double-sided dildos.

    Also known as double-sided dongs, they come in various lengths and sizes and cater to different types of pleasure. You could use a bendy double-ended dildo for anal and vaginal play or a glass toy for mutual masturbation. And that’s just the start!

    Sex Harmony’s experts have plenty to say about double dildos, so visit the collection page to learn more and get familiar with our full range.

    Suction Cup Dildos

    Indulge in hands-free erotic pleasure with a suction cup dildo. These are ideal if you just want to focus on the fun when masturbation. Simply stick this toy to a hard surface using the suction cup base and bounce or ride your way to orgasm!

    With a suction dildo, you can effortlessly recreate the motions of playing with a real cock, and effortlessly explore different positions, rhythms, and depths of penetration. And if you have two, you could even fuse them to make a double-ended dong!

    We have large, small, thick, realistic, and even inflatable suction cup dildos. Discover the entire Sex Harmony collection here.

    Strap On Dildos

    Continue the hands-free fun with a strap-on dildo – great for when you want to thrust with vim and vigor! Strap-on dongs come in several shapes, sizes, and materials. Some have a suction cup, others have realistic veins and balls, and all are so much fun.

    Of course, you will need something to strap them to – don’t worry, we have thought of that! Many of our products come with dildo harnesses, but we also sell them separately and have harnesses compatible with all strap-on designs.

    Strap-on dildos are perfect for BDSM activities - specifically female domination and pegging. We stock an extensive selection of strap-on dildos and have many arousing ideas on how to use them

    Vibrating Dildos

    We are delighted – or should I say buzzed – to show you our vibrating dildos! If filling and stretching yourself with an insertable toy wasn’t erotic enough, soak your erogenous zones in pleasure with an array of vibrations and pulsations, too!

    Choose from different sizes, girths, and materials. Decide between smooth, lengthy dongs and realistic dildos with bulbous veins. Some vibrating dildos require manual operation, whereas others have remotes, so you can take a hands-off approach.

    Whether masturbating alone, playing with your partner or participating in BDSM games, vibrating dildos can enhance the fun. Want to see more? Click here!

    Realistic Dildos

    If super-size or sleek and smooth dildos don’t float your boat, realistic dildos have the authenticity you require. And the detail on these dongs is remarkable – with those veins and balls, it will feel like you are pleasuring yourself with the real thing!

    Sex Harmony has plenty of realistic dildos to keep you satisfied, including silicone and jelly toys, and vibrating and squirting dongs. We also have dildos molded to the dimensions of well-known adult entertainers if you want even more realism!

    Our realistic dildos are body-safe and phthalate-free. Dive deep into the Sex Harmony collection and get your hands on one today!

    Black Dildos

    Satiate your dark fantasies with a brilliantly black dildo or dong. Whether you like them long and thick or short and slender, we have the optimum shape and size for you. Get ready for intense anal and vaginal play or to test your sucking skills.

    The variety doesn’t end there! Sex Harmony has beautiful BBC dildos with all kinds of features. Some inflate, others vibrate, and all will coax you to orgasm. And we stock massive toys for the size queens and kings among us.

    We could go on and on – and we do on the black dildo collection page!

    Tentacle Dildos

    Tentacle dildos put a unique spin on penetrating sex toys and create fresh possibilities in the bedroom. These fetishy dildos have soared in popularity of late, and Sex Harmony is rising to the demand for tentacle titillation.

    Unlike standard dongs, tentacle dildos are a blank slate from a design perspective and come with unusual nubs, ribs, and ridges. The peculiar shapes make the penetration sensations much different from those of traditional dildos.

    Head to the Tentacle Dildos page for a deep dive into these imaginative toys.

    Squirting Dildos

    Add a splash of realism to your masturbatory escapades with a squirting dildo. If you need a creamy finish to cap off your play, the on-demand spurts from these lifelike devices are the best alternative to a real, throbbing rod.

    Fill your squirting dick with lube, realistic semen, or any liquid your creative mind might conjure up. In most cases, the liquid shoots from the tip when you apply pressure to the balls. They all squirt with ease, but only when you command!

    Sex Harmony stocks safe ejaculating dildos from numerous leading sex toy brands. Choose from several shapes, sizes, and features, all found in our collection!

    Dildo Machines

    Take your masturbation to new extremes with a relentless automatic dildo machine. If you are fed up with thrusting and putting in manual labor when you should be getting off, lie back or bend over and let the machine do all the work.

    Dildo machines never get tired and can maintain that slow and sensual or hard and fast pace for as long as you like. These high-end sex toys are fun in all scenarios, whether you are self-pleasuring or at the whims of a controlling dominant lover.

    And you can tweak the speeds and pulsations rhythms at the touch of a button! Curious? Discover more about Sex Harmony’s dildo machines here.

    Strapless Dildos

    Lesbians love the strapless dildo, a clever penetrative sex toy that provides orgasmic sensations to the wearer and the receiver. Unlike classic strap-on toys, there is no harness in the way with strapless dongs to deny you physical pleasure.

    Many users find going strapless makes for a more comfortable experience. The toy slips into the wearer’s vagina, where the pelvic floor muscles keep it firmly in place. Some strapless dildos have an extra nub, so the wearer gets anal stimulation, too.

    Delve into our collection today, and explore the various sizes, designs, and features Sex Harmony’s strapless dildos have to offer.

    Silicone Dildos

    Soft, velvety silicone is the go-to material for many when choosing sex toys, and dildos are no exception. If glass and jelly dongs are too firm and rough on your sensitive genitals, try silicone for pleasurable and pain-free play.

    Silicone is non-porous, making it safe and easy to clean. We only sell sex toys manufactured with body-safe, phthalate-free materials. Pick from vibrating dildos, dongs with realistic ridges to enhance penetrative stimulation, and many more.

    Browse our silicone dildo range here and learn from our experts how to have the best experience with these safe and ultra-soft sex toys.

    Pink Dildos

    Add a feminine touch to your masturbatory pursuits with a pink dildo from Sex Harmony. This bold and bright color will help set a steamy and sexy mood when getting down for some solo fun or playtime with your partner.

    Realistic dildos, double-ended dongs, girthy cocks, strap-on dildos, strapless dicks – you name it, we’ve got it, in pretty pink. Every dildo sold on our site is body-safe and made without phthalates, paraffins, and other harmful chemicals.

    Explore these gorgeous sex toys in detail on the pink dildo collection page.

    Small Dildos

    Intimidated by the size of our enormous dongs and hesitant about our regular-size dildos, too? Don’t fret! We specialize in small dildos for folks who want to experiment with vaginal or anal play but cannot handle too much thickness and length.

    What do we mean by small? Expect to find plenty of 6-inch dildos and smaller still on your travels around the Sex Harmony shop. We have realistic dildos made from jelly and silicone materials, available in multiple playful colors.

    Click the link to browse our complete small dildo collection and discover how a tiny toy can unlock new doors and revitalize your sex life.

    Inflatable Dildos

    Stretch your imagination and limits with inflatable dildos and revel in erotic sensations at an intensity you never thought possible. If you crave more fulfilling penetration and want to expand your concept of sexual pleasure, give these a try.

    Perfect for adventurous adults, inflatable dildos are so much fun when masturbating alone or getting kinky with a lover. Indeed, these toys suit BDSM play, as the dom can take charge of the pump and keep expanding the dildo in the sub.

    We have realistic inflatable dildos, extra-girthy dongs, and overwhelming grenade-like toys. Check them out and pick up a titillating new toy today.

    Rabbit Dildos

    Ah, the Rabbit – a classic dildo design that remains in high demand to this day! But we aren’t surprised. It’s cute, ergonomic, versatile, and hits all the right spots. Rabbit dildos vibrate and rotate, some have thrusting beads, and they are all an utter delight.

    There is no better feeling than having the dildo deep inside while the rabbit ears vibrate and tingle against your clit. And with several pulsation patterns and vibration speeds to flick through, you can enjoy different sensations every time you play!

    Click here to find out more about rabbit dildos and whether they are right for you.

    Thick Dildos

    If you are insatiable for girth, our thick and meaty dildos could be the toys to take your sexual satisfaction to new heights. Some maintain a realistic feel and come complete with balls and veins, while others are smooth with unprecedented girth.

    Sex Harmony’s thickest dildos are recommended for sex toy fanatics and those with experience taking giant tools. We have suction cup dildos, lengthy double-ended dongs, short and stubby fake dicks, and more. And they are all body-safe.

    Unsure if a super-thick dildo is right for you? This collection page shows you what we have got. We also discuss the suitability of these mighty insertables.

    Rainbow Dildos

    Show off your pride with an LGBT-friendly rainbow dildo. Fabulously colorful and aesthetically pleasing from base to tip, these dildos score maximum style points – and they perform just as highly in the quality department.

    At Sex Harmony, we only want the finest dildos, and that extends to our rainbow collection. Every dildo sold here consists of body-safe materials, with no nasty phthalates lurking. We prefer high-end products made from the likes of soft silicone.

    The rainbow dildo collection page goes deeper into these sex toys and the range of traditional, suction cups, and strap-on dongs we stock.

    Jelly Dildos

    Hard and gleaming jelly dildos are an intriguing choice, and even more so if soft silicone doesn’t quite do it for you. But while firm in one sense, jelly toys are flexible enough that you can maneuver them around with ease for extra pleasure.

    Safety is paramount, and we know that jelly dildos don’t have the best reputation in the adult industry. We stock body-safe, phthalate-free jelly dildos at Sex Harmony - however, jelly dildos have some porosity, unlike non-porous silicone dongs.

    Hone your jelly dildo search on our collection page and pick up tips and tricks to stay safe when playing with jelly sex toys.

    Double Dildos

    Why go for one dildo when you can have two? We aren’t talking double-ended dildos here, but sex toys with two dongs pointing in the same direction! These are great for double penetration in the same hole, and for simultaneous anal and vaginal play.

    Some double dildos have two same-sized dongs, while others have slightly different girths and lengths. They often come with suction cups, so you can enjoy deep double penetration while keeping your hands free for other uses!

    Learn more about how to use double dildos and explore the Sex Harmony selection here.

    Thrusting Dildos

    Thrust and vibrate your way to hidden realms of orgasmic pleasure with a thrusting dildo. These powerful and girthy toys make penetration more intense, as the dildo slides in and out at a speed and vibration setting of your choosing.

    Thrusting dildos add a fresh dynamic to intimacy with your partner, although they are best for those who have experience with insertable toys. If you haven’t played with dildos and dongs before, going straight for one of these might be overwhelming.

    Discover Sex Harmony’s range of thrusting dildos here, and find out more about how you can use these exciting toys.