Doc Johnson


Doc Johnson: The Brand to Trust for Your Dildo Needs

I will be honest and say that I thought that purchasing a dildo wouldn’t be as hard as it turned out to be. All companies that sell this kind of product are precisely alike, right? Wrong!

It turns out that some brands know what they are doing when designing a product meant for sexual pleasure and others that don’t. After an exhaustive search, I am here to tell you that Doc Johnson is the brand to turn to dildos and other sex toys.

About the Doc Johnson Brand

North Hollywood, California, is home to many innovative ideas, interesting people, and longshot dreams. It is also the place where the Doc Johnson brand was founded in 1976. The founder, Ron Braverman, bought a rubber company and turned it into a company that made “marital aids.” He saw the future of the adult toy industry, and he wanted to make sure that Doc Johnson toys would be a big part of that future.

The Doc Johnson company has created some of the most respected products in the industry, including the original “Pocket Rocket.” Additionally, they have created products like the:

  • TRYST™ Multi Erogenous Silicone Massager
  • OptiMALE™ Rechargeable Vibrating C-Ring

Both products are hugely successful, and the company has continued success with its various lines of products. Perhaps it is no surprise that I was interested in Doc Johnson dildos.

Doc Johnson Dildo Design Features

There is no shortage of design options regarding Doc Johnson dildos. In fact, the company ensures that every desire and fantasy is met with the various types that it puts out.

Firm Yet Flexible

I was dazzled by the number of options that I had. For example, I found it to be extremely useful that they made dildos that were both firm and flexible. I feel like everyone wants a bit of both when they use something like this. I could keep my hand firmly gripped on the dildo, but it was also flexible enough to move it to a position where I felt most comfortable.

Textured Veins

It may not be for everyone, but the textured veins on their dildo products are designed to add that extra layer of stimulation that so many are after. If I was going to purchase Doc Johnson toys instead of other companies’ options, I wanted to make sure I got my money’s worth.

Vibrating Dildos

One type of dildo that I couldn’t take my eyes off where their line of vibrating dildos. These are specifically designed to provide the user an extra layer of pleasure through vibrations.

The vibrating dildos provide plenty of power in vibrations but are also not overly aggressive in how those vibrations are attributed. In other words, I didn’t get the sense that this thing would hurt in any way. Instead, the sensation felt just right. These dildos also come in various skin tones to meet your specific fantasies.


When I stop to think about it, perhaps one of the most critical attributes a dildo can have is its ability to be water-resistant.

After the deed is done, we will want to wash off our dildos so they may be used again later. This means putting them under water to get them cleaned off. If they are not water-resistant, then that is not going to work out so well.

Fortunately, the dildos from Doc Johnson are water-resistant, which gave me peace of mind that I could clean it without any issues.

Safe for the Body

Doc Johnson products are always made to be safe for use in and on the body. This was something that I came to discover as I researched the company more carefully. It turns out that they make their products Phthalate-free so that they aren’t any kind of hazard to those who use them.

It was particularly important to me that the company went out of its way to ensure the product it created would be perfectly acceptable and safe for anyone who wanted to use it.

Anytime I go to use this product, I know that it will be safe for me to do so.

What I Like About Doc Johnson Products

Okay, so you have reached the point where you want to hear what I think about the Doc Johnson products. I want to share with you the things I am very pleased with regarding these products, and I will also take some time to share the drawbacks. Let’s start with the good stuff.

Made in the USA

I love that all of Doc Johnson's products are made in the United States. It may not matter to everyone, but I have found this to be a big upside of their products because I always know what I am getting has been made in my home country. It wasn’t shipped from far-flung places and wasn’t made with shoddy materials. My safety is my primary concern, and Doc Johnson toys always seemed to keep that at the forefront.

Variety of Options

It has been amazing to see the wide scope of product offerings that Doc Johnson has available. I guess I shouldn’t have been so shocked by the “size of their package” offerings, but I was still blown away that I could order products that met my specific desires. Everything was available via the Doc Johnson catalog, from the size and color of the dildo that I wanted to order to any special features that it might have added to it.

The best part of all is that I have plenty to look at from their catalog of options the next time I get on their website to check out what they have to offer. It is truly a never-ended buffet of options to select from.

Prices to Meet Every Budget

There are products within the catalog that meet the budget of virtually anyone. I know that I have monetary considerations that I must give proper consideration before diving in and purchasing a specific product. However, I was met with a wide variety of options that were available to suit my needs. As such, I could lock in the products I desired at a price that I could afford. This is so much better than trying to stretch me too thin to get what I want. Doc Johnson came through for me on this one.

Discrete Shipments

Most people prefer not to let everyone know about the types of sex toys that they are ordering for their home. Many are embarrassed by the idea of having toys sent to their home. That is why Doc Johnson is always sure to send those items in discrete packaging so as not to draw unwanted attention to the fact that you have ordered specific products for your home.

It made me much more comfortable knowing that my package could be sitting on the front porch all day without the neighbors knowing what I had ordered. Besides that, I didn’t want the USPS worker to know about my private business either. Fortunately, they never did.

Things I Hate About Doc Johnson Products

Some Products are a Bit too Aggressively Big

I understand that some people want their dildo to be as large as humanly possible. However, I found that some of the Doc Johnson products can be a bit too aggressively large for my liking. Ordering something a little too big and placing it in my body can be very uncomfortable. Thus, I believe it could be helpful if they could tone down the size of some of their dildos.

Strong Plastic Odor

One of the first things I noticed when I pulled the dildo out of the box was that it had a strong plastic odor. I don’t know if this was because of the way it was shipped to me or if some other factors were at play. Regardless, I could have done without the strong smell of plastic wafting throughout my house after I opened this package. It was not what I had in mind when I ordered my dildo, and I was less than thrilled that this happened.


Although there are some downsides to Doc Johnson toys, I have to say that I am quite pleased with them overall. In my opinion, their long track record of being in business and the fact that they still make all their products in the United States are both major positive signs about this company.

So many companies attempt to produce similar products, but no one does the job that Doc Johnson does. When I decide to order my next set of products, I know that they are the company I will look at first. They have continued to serve the community of people who are simply looking for a better sexual experience, and I have to recommend their products as some of the best that I have ever experienced.