Double Dildos


Learn More About Double Dildos

Why stop with one dildo when you can have two – as part of the same toy, no less? Double dildos are among the most exciting dongs available in the adult market, but they may look daunting to the uninitiated.

Welcome to Sex Harmony’s double dildo guide. In this post, we will clarify what these sex toys are and what they are not, discuss the various types of double dildos you can purchase, and explore how to use them.

What is a Double Dildo?

A double dildo is an insertable sex toy with two phallic-shaped protruding from the same end. This distinguishes them from double-ended or double-sided dildos, which have penis heads at separate ends – but many people get them confused!

Given the shape of double dildos, these sex toys are designed for solo masturbation and double penetration. The user can insert the dildos into their anus and vagina for arousing P-spot and G-spot stimulation and mind-blowing orgasms.

Most double dildos have different-sized dongs, with one slightly shorter and less girthy. The typical way to enjoy these is by sliding the thicker dildo into the vagina and the smaller one into the anus – however, you are free to do what feels best!

Types of Double Dildo For Sale at Sex Harmony

Double dildos may be a specific type of sex toy, but you still have several options to choose from – especially when you buy from Sex Harmony! Here are three types of double dongs in our collection.

Jelly Double Dildo

Jelly rubber is a soft and flexible sex toy material and ideal for double dildos, which may need some manipulation to fit in both holes. Firstly, rest assured that every jelly double dildo sold at Sex Harmony is body-safe and phthalate-free.

Furthermore, these dongs are often waterproof, allowing for naughty fun in the shower or bathtub. Wet play is on the agenda with suction cup jelly dildos, which stick to hard walls and floors so you can indulge in hands-free penetration.

Realistic Double Dildo

For ultimate double penetration authenticity, you need a realistic dildo, complete with skin-like aesthetics and a fleshy feel, bulging veins, and a penis head. However, considering the design of double dildos, it’s nigh on impossible to fit the balls in.

The detail on some realistic dildos is a sight to behold, with King Cock sex toys from Pipedream particularly impressive. Most realistic double dildos have a suction cup base, enabling hands-free fun and, for the ambitious, strap-on play and pegging!

Vibrating Double Dildo

Magnify those double-penetrating sensations with a stimulating vibrating dildo. Imagine this: your holes are stretched and stuffed, and then that girthy toy starts to pulsate. With that level of stimulation, expect orgasm after orgasm on demand.

These double vibrating dongs generally operate via a twist dial controller at the base, but higher-quality toys may have a remote control for more convenient play.

How to Use a Double Dildo

Double penetration is an audacious sexual activity to undertake – whether it’s the real thing or a toy! Before going for two at a time, we recommend giving each hole an individual workout. If you are too tight, such a dildo will be painful and not enjoyable.

Use lots of lube (and even more for anal play!). The anus does not lubricate, so lube is critical for friction-free and pleasurable masturbation. Water-based lubricant is a must if playing with a silicone dildo – silicone-based lube will wreck the material.

Once you are slick and slippery, gradually guide each dildo inside, penetrating slowly to gauge your body’s response. Try finding your P-spot and G-spot and stimulating them. As your holes adjust, consider pushing the toy in deeper and faster.

How to Clean a Double Dildo

After that thing has been in your ass and vagina, you must give it a clean! Nobody wants to play with a dirty dildo that may be harboring harmful bacteria.

Start by wiping away surface debris with a damp paper towel. Proceed with a deeper clean by washing the dildo with toy cleaner and warm, soapy water.

We advise airdrying rather than manually drying sex toys. Double dongs have hard-to-reach bits, so airdrying on a clean towel guarantees the whole toy dries.

Is a Double Dildo Right for Me?

If you are itching for a challenge and are aroused by the concept of double penetration, a double dildo is a must. But those with less sex toy experience should probably test their holes with a standard dildo before taking on a mighty double dong.