Double Sided Dildos


Learn More About Double Sided Dildos

Enjoy twice the penetration and the fun with a double-sided dildo from Sex Harmony. Perfect for filling both holes when playing alone and for ensuring both can receive pleasure during mutual masturbation, these versatile dongs are for everyone.

Our double-ended dildos come in different styles and cater to various sexual activities. And we stock products from established brands like B Yours and Fetish Fantasy Series.

What are Double Sided Dildos?

Not to be confused with similar-sounding double dildos, double-sided dildos are insertable sex toys that boast a cock-shaped finish at both ends. A naughty spin on traditional dongs, double-sided or double-ended dildos can spice up your sex life. 

Some are bendy and ideal for simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration, while others are hard and firm and suited to mutual masturbation – especially for lesbians!

Types of Double Sided Dildos For Sale at Sex Harmony

There are several possibilities with these toys and brands love to get creative. Let’s plunge deeper and explore the best double-sided dildos in our collection. 


Don’t be intimidated by glass dildos! These delightful toys are made from hypoallergenic borosilicate glass, not the easily smashable stuff in your windows. This makes them remarkably rigid and durable – and devilishly exciting, too!

Glass double-ended dildos look the part, with classy artistic designs and a gleaming and glistening appearance when slippery and wet. But they are also an upgrade on standard dildos, with well-placed ribs, nubs, and beads to ramp up the sensations!

What’s more, glass is marvelous for titillating temperature play and sampling warm and cold erotic sensations.

Non-porous PVC

PVC sex toys are impressively bendy and a brilliant pick if you want to stuff both holes. The extra flexibility allows for more versatile penetration play than glass sex toys, and they have a softer and more lifelike feel.

All PVC toys sold at Sex Harmony, including these double-sided dildos, are body-safe and phthalate-free.


We also have double-ended strap-ons so the wearer can experience the same penetrative sensations as the receiver – and rightly so since they do all the work!

Classic strap-ons simply attach to the body via a harness. But double-ended strap-on dildos slip inside the wearer’s vagina at one end and are held up by the pelvic floor muscles. This creates a secure fit so the receiver can enjoy a rough or sensual pounding.

How to Use Double Sided Dildos

Not every double-ended dildo works in the same way. For instance, rock-hard glass toys have different qualities to bendy PVC dongs. The former is most effective for mutual masturbation – take your positions on each end and thrust into each other!

You can do the same with a PVC double-ender, but this insertable primarily excels with solo play. The girths tend to vary at each end, making for more satisfying and comfortable anal and vaginal penetration.

As always with insertable sex toys, you need to be in a relaxed, tension-free headspace for the best possible experience. You may struggle to get into an aroused mood if feeling on edge and uptight.

Reminder: Only use water-based lubricants with silicone double-sided dildos. Silicone-based lubes can ruin silicone toys. 

How to Clean Double Sided Dildos

Always clean your sex toy after use to prevent any bacteria, viruses, and mold from festering. I know it’s not sexy, but we must talk about it!

Remove any debris, and then clean your dildo with warm water and a toy cleaner (or liquid soap). Glass toys are typically dishwasher-safe, but most materials are not. Let the dildo dry naturally after washing. 

Is a Double Sided Dildo Right for Me?

Double-sided dildos bring a new dimension to sexual pleasure but are far from the most advanced sex toys we sell at Sex Harmony. That makes them accessible to everyone and even good for beginners – and a must for lesbian lovers.

Heterosexual partners might not find double-sided dildos as suitable, but there is one notable exception – female domination and pegging! In such a scenario, double-ended dongs can be better than strap-ons because the woman gets pleasure, too!

Huge double-sided dildos are awesome for adventurous masturbators who love having both their holes stuffed. If you revel in the mind-blowing sensations of double penetration, this type of dildo would be an excellent addition to your collection.

If you aren’t sure about double-sided dong, check out our other dildos!