Glass Butt Plugs


Designed to be put into the rectum for intercourse, a butt plug is a sex accessory. In some aspects, they resemble dildos, although they are often shorter and feature a flanged end to prevent the object from becoming lost inside the rectum. Although some butt plugs are specifically made to stimulate the prostate, butt plugs can be moved in or out for pleasure to mimic the rhythmic thrusting of penetrative sex. Inserting or removing a butt plug requires a lot of sexual lubricants and a careful, patient technique.

What are glass butt plugs?

Unquestionably, butt plugs are the most often used sex gadget for anal play. They provide strong sensations and countless ways to enjoy yourself or your partner with them. Glass is the sexiest and best-looking alternative if you don't like silicone or metal toys. Glass butt plugs come in solid and hollow insides.

Glass butt plugs mix sexiness with lovely aesthetics. In addition, they provide a sensation that is totally different from that of conventional anal toys, among other things. But if you don't like the cold feeling of glass, maybe you should try out our silicone butt plugs

Why do people like them?

This is simple to guess. Many individuals say that butt plugs feel AMAZING! That applies to those who have genitalia and penises. Anal plugs aid in stimulating the prostate in males and those with penises. a tiny gland that, when stimulated, can provide intense pleasure is located between the bladder and the penis. If you want even more pleasure, you should try out our vibrating butt plugs as well. 

When the anal nerves are activated, women and people with vaginas can also feel pleasure, and this stimulation may also stimulate the clitoris' internal tissues. By making the vagina smaller using anal plugs, the stimulation for both parties may be increased. If you are into this kind of stuff, you should also check out our inflatable butt plugs, or, you can use our tail butt plugs, and it adds a lot to the role- and foreplay.

The different types of glass butt plugs

There are many different methods to shape glass, so you can discover a ton of plugs with distinctive features and patterns. Some of them will look like regular plugs. Others will offer a completely unique shape.

The types of glass butt plugs are:

  • Standard - Standard glass plugs maintain the traditional butt plug's domed or cone-like shape.
  • Spiral or curvy - Spirals, curves, and swirls make up the unique texture of these glass plug kinds. When you slide the plug inside, it can give you a little extra kick.
  • Twisted - Twisted plugs may also have a textured swirl. Some, however, may have a curved contour to stimulate the prostate.
  • Beaded plugs - Beaded glass plugs are an improvement above standard plugs. Similar to anal beads, this toy has beads or bulbs that are strung together down the length of the plug. During insertion, it gives out a considerably stronger sensation.
  • Fantasy plugs - These glass plugs are made for roleplaying and fantasy kinks (i.e., tentacle or monster fetishes, etc.).

How to use a glass butt plug?

Foreplay comes first things first. Your ability to deliberately relax and contract your rectal muscles is crucial. When you're ready, begin slowly inserting the plug. Using your fingers is a terrific method to get used to the sensation. You don't want to hurry through this procedure. If it's challenging the first time, you can insert it, remove it, relubricate it, and try again. To get it in there, you might even need to repeat this process.

If you are scared of the glass, you should try out our metal butt plug, because it gives you the same feeling as the glass butt plug. Understand the difference between pleasure and pain. Stop if it hurts. You should use a small butt plug first.

FAQ about glass plugs

Glass toys don't need any special lube. So, even if you use the incorrect kind of lubrication, your glass plug won't be ruined. You can choose lubricants with silicone or oil bases that are thicker, anal-friendly, and do not dry up rapidly. These kinds offer a smooth insertion and removal experience and are long-lasting.

It's crucial to wash your butt plug afterward with warm water and soap. The fecal particles on it could cause a serious infection, so keep it away from your mouth and vagina.

Soreness or pain
The next day, you could feel a little sore; that's typical. To avoid any potential harm, you should attempt a different approach or size the next time you're in pain.

Glass toys might sustain unexpected damage if they are stored carelessly. Keep your glass toys in their own pouches or protective containers at all times (sock). Your priceless glass toy may crack if it unluckily bumps into another hard object.