Gun Oil Lube


Everything You Need to Know About Gun Oil Lube

Gun Oil is the world’s best-known sex lubricant brand, with an established presence in the United States and beyond. Any eagle-eyed sex shop visitors or porn video watchers will have no doubt come across Gun Oil Lube on their erotic adventures.

But what makes this admittedly oddly-named lubricant shine and glisten above the rest? We will explore that in this post as we take a deep plunge into the Gun Oil brand and its different lubricants and creams.

So, settle in, slicken up, and get ready to slip and slide with me on this exciting journey into all things Gun Oil!

What is Gun Oil Lube?

Gun Oil is a lubricant brand owned by Empowered Products, Inc. The company’s lubes are particularly popular among gay men, but these high-quality products are ideal for anyone getting down and dirty, whether alone or with a lover (or lovers!).

Gun Oil lubricants are condom-safe, highly concentrated, and super-easy to wash away once playtime is over. They contain safe, hypoallergenic ingredients that don’t punish the skin, but no dyes or pigments that could stain and leave sexual footprints!

The story goes that a Marine masturbating with regular gun oil, a dimethicone-based lubricant, was impressed at how good it was. He ran with the idea and developed a safe lube that could be sold to the public, hence the Gun Oil name! 


Inevitably, each lubricant consists of different ingredients. But Gun Oil highlights a handful that are perfect additions to its lubes – let’s see what they are and why.

Aloe Vera: An often-found ingredient in skincare products, aloe vera soothes and heals with its anti-inflammatory and skin-strengthening properties. These are essential benefits, as microscopic tears can occur during sexual intercourse.

Aloe vera's antibacterial and antifungal effects can help combat infections. Moreover, it doesn’t interact with silicone, so won’t degrade the quality of Gun Oil’s silicone-based lube.

Hydroxyethyl Cellulose: This ingredient promotes natural lubrication by stimulating activity at the body’s moisture receptors. Many water and silicone-based lubricants have hydroxyethyl cellulose in them, including Gun Oil products.

Ginseng: A long-time traditional medicine favorite, ginseng now has a place in personal lubricants! Ginseng extract stimulates blood flow, which heightens erotic sensations during sexual intercourse.

Guarana: Native to the Amazon, the guarana plant boasts similarly stimulating properties, as well as an exciting, exotic fragrance. Some lubricant brands put guarana extract center stage – but in Gun Oil, it’s just one of several wonders.

Silicone: This is the unique selling point of Gun Oil’s silicone-based lubricant, which is an appealing alternative to water-based lubes. 

Empowered Products makes Gun Oil with patented 3-molecule silicone for a slippery, natural, and fluid feel. And that’s why other brands cannot compete with Gun Oil’s silicone-based lube!

Vitamin E: A natural lubricant, moisturizer, and skin rejuvenator, Vitamin E is a common ingredient in personal lubes. It also protects the skin tissue (always a plus after vigorous sex!) and helps prevent yeast and other nasty infections.

What they don’t use: When talking premium lube, it’s as much about what ingredients the brand doesn’t use as the ones they do. Rest assured, all Gun Oil lubricants are glycerin and paraben-free.

Glycerin increases the risk of yeast infections and the transmission of STDs. Parabens are preservatives that mimic estrogen, making them possible endocrine disruptors. The FDA hasn’t ruled on parabens, but the best lube brands avoid them.

Why is Gun Oil Lube so Popular?

The stellar ingredient list partially explains its popularity – after all, if the products weren’t good, folks would stop buying! Gun Oil’s patented silicone and informed ingredient choices make for high-quality lubricants with no clean-up dramas.

But, of course, marketing and brand recognition plays a role. The Gun Oil brand is well-established, especially in the LGBT community, and specifically in the gay male scene. Indeed, the company targets its lubes at men looking to express masculinity.

Given its quality, Gun Oil unsurprisingly has numerous global ambassadors. These include Doctor Carlton, a gay gastroenterologist; Apollo, an adult entertainer; and Brian Meise, an HIV-positive sexual health advocate and activist.

Fusing stunning products, first-class marketing, and well-known ambassadors together gives you a potent combination to deeply penetrate the adult lube market!

Types of Gun Oil Lube

We have covered the Gun Oil brand and the ingredients they use, so now let’s get onto the products themselves. We have a six-product selection of lubricants, gels, and creams at Sex Harmony. 

So, without further ado, here’s our Gun Oil Lube review!

Gun Oil Silicone Lubricant

Where better to start than the brand’s flagship Silicone Lubricant? It’s still a best-seller and arguably a household name – a rarity for a sex-related toy! – and there’s not another lube like it on the market.

Gun Oil’s Silicone Lubricant is paraben and glycerin-free, made with hypoallergenic ingredients, and is unscented and unflavored. Yet behind that simplicity, there’s a long-lasting, highly-concentrated, slick proprietary three-molecule silicone blend.

Furthermore, the lube is water-resistant and made with skin-protecting aloe vera and vitamin E. This Gun Oil product lives up to its reputation, with a little going a long way and a slippery slickness like no other I have ever found.

If you enjoy playing with sex toys, Gun Oil’s silicone lube is safe and compatible with most non-porous dildos, butt plugs, and vibrators. But don't use it with silicone or porous sex toys – cheap, low-quality products are notoriously porous.

Sizes: 2oz bottle, 4oz bottle, 8oz bottle, 16oz pump bottle


  • Made with hypoallergenic ingredients
  • Gun Oil’s patented 3-molecule silicone blend makes for long-lasting lube
  • Unscented and unflavored, so it won’t interfere with your play!
  • Doesn't stain


  • Not suitable for use with silicone sex toys

Gun Oil H2O

Gun Oil touts its H2O as the best water-based lubricant you can buy, and I am compelled to agree! Like the silicone lube, H2O is unscented, unflavored, paraben and glycerin-free, and made exclusively with hypoallergenic ingredients.

The presence of ginseng and guarana helps improve blood flow to the erogenous zones, eliciting more intense erotic sensations. And don’t worry, Gun Oil uses purified water in H2O, so you won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals.

True to the brand, Gun Oil water-based lube is delightfully smooth, impressively long-lasting, and wonderfully lightweight and slick. What’s more, as a water-based lubricant, H2O is safe for use with all sex toys – so fetch those silicone plugs!

That said, while long-lasting relative to other water-based lubricants, H2O is no match for Gun Oil’s Silicone Lube in this department. You still don’t need copious amounts to get things going, but you will need to lube up more regularly with H2O.

Sizes: 2oz bottle, 4oz bottle, 8oz bottle, 16oz pump bottle


  • Compatible with all sex toys, including silicone
  • Ginseng and guarana prove excellent additions
  • Slippery, slick, and lightweight – you will barely know it’s there!


  • Dries up quickly, like most water-based lubricants 

Gun Oil Loaded

Enjoy silkier sexual encounters with Gun Oil Loaded, a water-based cream lubricant and a clever hybrid of water and silicone-based lubes. Loaded has a purified water base, but the 5% silicone infusion makes it a long-lasting and great value choice.

As is standard for Gun Oil, this creamy lube contains hypoallergenic ingredients and has an unscented and unflavored finish with no glycerin or parabens in sight. It doesn’t stain, it’s safe for all toys, and comes in a travel-friendly 3.3oz (100ml) tube.

The extra thickness and creaminess won’t be for everyone, but it’s handy if you enjoy giving or receiving massages or indulging in sensual foreplay. Overall, Loaded is an innovative lubricant from Gun Oil that can handle lengthy lovemaking.


  • The silicone makes for longer-lasting effects
  • Compatible with all sex toys
  • The 3.3oz bottle is perfect for traveling with


  • Thickness and creaminess may turn off users of Gun Oil’s regular lubes

Gun Oil H2O Gel

Next up, we have an intriguing H2O Gel from Gun Oil, which I’m confident sex toy fans will love. It has all the attributes of a classic Gun Oil lube, with a lightweight feel that doesn’t distract but enough thickness to stay in place – whether on you or a toy!

It’s unscented and unflavored but made with grapefruit seed extract for antimicrobial reasons. Staying safe and infection-free is crucial when playing with sex toys - and adding these ingredients reaffirms Gun Oil’s status as a leading brand.

H2O Gel is a versatile lubricant, and its slippery properties perform well during anal intercourse and mutual masturbation (or solo!). If you like Gun Oil’s typical H2O water-based lube but want something thicker, H2O Gel is the product for you.


  • Additional thickness is ideal for toy play
  • Made with the same premium ingredients as Gun Oil’s standard lubes
  • Grapefruit seed extract provides further protection from infections


  • May be too thick
  • Expensive if you don’t use toys

Gun Oil Tactical Cream

We move on to Tactical Cream, a water-based masturbation aid new to the Gun Oil range. While slightly different from a traditional lubricant, its thickness and creaminess are brilliant for pleasuring your rod and are made even better by the smooth silicone.

Unlike standard lube, Tactical Cream doesn’t drip, allowing for swift clean-up within seconds – useful for those times when you only have a few minutes to get off. 

However, this Gun Oil product is not condom compatible and unsuitable for external use. Tactical Cream contains glycerin, which could cause yeast infections if used internally.


  • No-drip cream is great for speedy, solo masturbation
  • Long-lasting thanks to the dash of silicone
  • Unscented and unflavored for all-natural play


  • Cannot use with condoms
  • Not suitable for internal use (i.e., anal or vaginal play)

Gun Oil Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream

We conclude our Gun Oil lube review with the water-based Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream. If you cannot decide between thick and creamy or slick and slippery lube, Stroke 29 is the transformative lubricant you have been waiting for.

It’s all luxurious and creamy when applied, but as body heat and friction enter the fray, Stroke 29’s thickness gives way to a clear, gliding, and long-lasting lube! As the name suggests, the change occurs somewhere around the 29th stroke.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding this cream-cum-lubricant – and it’s justified. Stroke 29 is as high-grade as all Gun Oil lubes and will leave your skin soft and smooth and your sheets stain-free! But sadly, it’s incompatible with condoms and intercourse.


  • Transforms from a luxurious cream into a slick, clear lube
  • Made with premium, skin-safe ingredients, like other Gun Oil products
  • Washes away easily, making for effortless clean-up


  • Not great if you like a cream, a lube, or not both
  • Unsuitable for sexual intercourse and cannot use with condoms
  • Not available in Canada 

Using Gun Oil Lube with Sex Toys

Toys can enhance your sex life, whether you are using them to spice things up with your partner or to bring new sensations to your masturbation. However, sex toys need lube, and the wrong product can drain all the fun in an instant.

Thankfully, most Gun Oil lubes and creams are compatible with sex toys, but there are some notable caveats. Let’s take a closer look.

Firstly, you should not use Gun Oil products with porous sex toys. Indeed, you should be cautious about using these sex toys all – they are a hub for sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) and often contain toxic chemicals.

If you like playing with soft silicone sex toys, stick with Gun Oil’s water-based H2O Lube or H2O Gel. Lathering silicone-based lubricant on a silicone toy risks wrecking the toy.

Furthermore, avoid the Tactical Cream and Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream if playing with insertable sex toys. These products are only intended for external use.

Which Gun Oil Lube is Right For Me? (Buyer’s Guide)

Ready to take the plunge? Before you do, give our buyer’s guide a scan so you don’t end up with an unsuitable lube! Let’s go over a few activities.

For masturbation

If buying lubricant for solo or mutual masturbation purposes, any Gun Oil lube or cream will do the trick. Provided no toys are involved, it’s all about personal preference.

However, I recommend that Fleshlight players stick with an H2O lube. Silicone-based lube can damage your toy (even though Fleshlights aren’t made of silicone). Thick creams would be less enjoyable and potentially harder to clean.

For sexual intercourse

Gun Oil’s leading silicone and water-based lubricants are marvelous for sexual intercourse. But don’t use their creams when doing the deed – they are incompatible with condoms and make infections more likely.

For massages and foreplay

Choose lube if you like slippery and gliding massages and cream if you prefer something more luxurious and decadent. And for a shiny, glistening finish on the skin, it can only be the world-famous Silicone Lubricant from Gun Oil!

Buy Gun Oil Lube Products at Sex Harmony!

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