Huge Dildos


Learn More About Huge Dildos

Take your sex toy game to the next level with a huge dildo from Sex Harmony. Longer, girthier, and much more intense than your average dong, these giant insertables are perfect for stretching your limits and unlocking new realms of pleasure.

What are Huge Dildos?

So, what do we mean by huge? We’re talking seven inches and above, and you will find plenty of 10 and even 12-inch dildos in our collection, all with eye-popping thickness. If standard-sized sex toys aren’t doing it for you, consider giving these a try!

Types of Huge Dildos For Sale at Sex Harmony

Sex Harmony caters to different tastes and preferences with a varied collection of mega-dongs. Let’s explore some of the most popular types in the adult market.

Realistic Dildos

Yes, gigantic dicks exist in the real world, so we have a selection of realistic toys to reflect that! These detailed dildos have bulbous veins tracing along the shaft, fat cock heads with glans, and balls to simulate the real thing.

Choose from different colors, including black, chocolate, mocha, and vanilla! All our super-size dildos are body-safe and phthalate-free.

Suction Cup Dildos

Many dildos come with suction cups - an excellent feature for bigger toys. The thickest and longest dildos are also the heaviest, and hands-on penetration gets tiring. Attach the dong to a surface and masturbate hands-free in several positions.

Suction cup dildos are typically harness-compatible, which is perfect if you want to explore strap-on play. 

How to Use Huge Dildos

Playing with big dildos requires more care than when using slender dildos. Even if your vagina produces lots of natural lubrication, it’s best to slicken up your toy and hole with water or silicone-based lubricant for pain-free penetration.

And if indulging in backdoor fun with a huge anal dildo, lubrication is vital. The anus cannot lubricate naturally, so shoving a massive dong in dry could cause lasting damage.

Before using the big one, set the mood with relaxing music and stimulate your inner thighs, clitoris, and nipples to build arousal. Perhaps slip in a smaller dildo to help your hole relax and open up – this will make things much easier..

Given the size, large dildos are tough to masturbate alone with, unless you make use of the suction cup. Stick the toy to a hard, flat surface area (i.e., the floor or the wall), maneuver it inside of you, and thrust or bounce up and down on it hands-free.

They are also fantastic for couple’s play. Maximize penetration with these toys by getting down on all fours and letting your lover slide it in and out from behind! 

How to Clean Huge Dildos

We cannot over-emphasize how essential cleaning your sex toy is, whether it’s a huge dildo or something else. There are general cleaning rules that apply regardless of the material and others that are specific to certain types of toys.

Always clean your dildo after use, preferably with warm water and liquid soap or toy cleaner. Start by rinsing the toy or wiping it with a damp paper towel before proceeding to a deeper clean.

Never share your dildo with others, especially if it’s made from porous materials. Bacteria and other nasties can linger in such toys, no matter how well you clean them. We recommend non-porous huge dildos for cleaner and safer play.

Is a Huge Dildo Right for Me?

We don’t deny that huge, thick dildos aren’t for everybody – they probably aren’t even for most. It’s easy in a state of horniness to think that you can handle such a massive toy, only to be frustrated when your holes can’t take it.

There’s nothing like an unsuitable dildo to kill the mood when masturbating or trying to enjoy some steamy fun with your lover. If you haven’t experimented with sex toys before, check out our wider collection of dildos for something more appropriate.

But for the size queens and kings in our midst, an enormous dong could be just the ticket! The extra girth can amplify the orgasmic sensations, setting your erogenous zones alight and leaving you feeling fuller than ever before.

If regular-sized and shaped dildos have left you wanting more, huge dildos are the logical next step up. And if that’s your thing, well, you have come to the right place!