LELO Landing Page

LELO is an award-winning, upmarket sex toy brand that formed in 2003. 

It has since established itself as the leading luxury pleasure brand. The very first to specialize in innovative products that look as amazing as they feel. 

Its products are intricately designed to look just as visually pleasing as all the other objects we surround ourselves with. The everyday items we choose to keep in our lives and love the most. 

The vast range of LELO toys are a modern revival of the classics. It specializes in clitoral massagers, G-Spot stimulators, penis rings, and everything in-between. 

The idea is simple, but these intimate toys have been revamped with the aesthetic and sexual needs of its users in mind. 

They have all been modernized to be much more than just a one trick pony. 

What Is LELO? 

LELO first emerged in Stockholm, Sweden. Three designers came together at the right place and right time. 

They had the fresh idea to transform sex toys from something we hide away into something we’re proud to own. 

The company has since found its home in today's sex-positive climate.  

Its goals as a brand have always been to promote shameless self-love and pleasure. 

It continuously encourages its customers to fully connect with their own body. Its products are intended to open the door for that.

Since the online boom of sex-positive conversation in the mid 2010's, the brand has gone on to win multiple awards for its feats in the sex toy industry. Clearly, it has become a clear favorite among its daring customer base. 

You’ll now find LELO being sold in over 160 countries worldwide, with offices and employees spread all across the globe. 

The company is a vocal supporter of LGBT+ groups, setting aside a whole range of products that are queer-friendly. 

It is a brand for those that believe pleasure and self-love should go beyond the bounds of sexuality, age and gender. Exploration is for all, with no limits on satisfaction. 

Product Design 

LELO sex toys aren't considered luxury for no reason. Years of planning and research have gone into each of its patented product designs.

They are all made to provide the user the most opulent feel and experience possible. 

The Smart Wand 2 is a LELO best-seller. It’s a full body massager brought to you in full LELO vision. 

It’s sleek, modern design emphasizes a full-bodied head for those much more *intimate* massages.

The handle curves effortlessly outward to allow for easy maneuvering and oh-so-simple use.

Body massagers are one of the most popular sex toys around. That is why LELO strives to create unique, art deco-looking massagers to really put a spin on the market. 

The unusual curvatures, all-embracing plush texture and dark block colors make it appear as though it’s straight out of a modern art gallery. 

What truly sets the design of the massagers apart from the rest is the incorporated wireless, rechargeable feature. 

Many of the other strongest body massagers on the market right now require them to be plugged straight into an outlet. 

The Smart Wand 2 has been designed to have 10 different powerful and intense vibration settings, all while remaining portable and completely wireless (Except when charging!). 

Taking a look at the design of the Sila Sonic clit massagers, you’re immediately blown away by the entrancing and unique visuals once again. 

Coming in a range of light pastel colors, you can really see how LELO caters to the home and personal aesthetics of all kinds of groups. 

The Sila Sonic massagers have been designed to use sonic wave technology. This creates gentle, building clitoral stimulation. 

The large mouth head has been developed to spread the pleasurable sensations equally across the entire clitoris.

This particular kind of stimulation leads to slow but intense orgasms. 

With these two product designs alone, you can see how LELO caters to a range of masturbation and sexual preferences. 

The toys are made to be reasonably customisable. You can choose an ideal toy based on visual aesthetic, levels of expertise or pleasure-seeking tastes. 

Another fantastic example of how LELO takes popular sex toys and upgrades the design lies in the couple's toy Oden 2. 

This flexible vibrating penis ring features an industry first SenseMotion design. This allows vibration settings to be changed with just a tilt of the hand. 

The toy has been vastly upgraded from the original. It now features a 50% stronger motor and 3x wireless range for the SenseMotion. 

LELO are continuously improving toy designs on both their unique patented products and on classic toys that have been popular for years. 

As the world's first sex toy company to do so; LELO have been known to partner with designer brands on speciality toys. 

So, if rare designer sex toys are an unfulfilled dream of yours, keep your eyes peeled for exclusive releases! 


Every single LELO device is carefully constructed of ABS thermoplastic polymer and specially engineered silicone. 

Some of the specialty toys contain gold leaf and aluminum alloy; enhancing the polished upmarket feel the brand is so well known for. 

Every device is waterproof and designed to fully withstand all fluid and bodily contact (Even a bath!). 

All products in the LELO range are built to last through even the wildest of self-play sessions.

It is heavily advised that the toys are regularly cleaned and kept in a dry environment. Like any other sex toy, they're also to be kept away from extreme temperatures.

Now for some accessories!

The original LELO Hex condoms are made of 100% natural latex, and covered in a light layer of latex-safe lubricant. 

It wouldn't be a luxury brand without a plush, bondage set to absolutely die for. 

Kits such as the ‘Adore Me Pleasure Set’ are made up of high-grade silks, suede and glossy ABS plastic. 

LELO brand lubricants are Paraben and Glycerine free and water-based. 

The lubes are also suitable for sensitive skin due to their hypoallergenic properties.  

If you haven't guessed by now, LELO prides itself on the use of high-quality materials and ingredients.

This is crucial to construct its high-quality toys, and you’ll absolutely feel the difference! 

Pros and Cons  

Cons are hard to come by when it comes to LELO. 

This brand is on top of their game. 

A 10-year quality guarantee on all products, the high-grade materials, insanely cool devices and an unbeatable sex-positive message. 

What more could you ask for? 

But what I like most about this brand is its goal to deconstruct the age-old message that masturbation is something to be ashamed of, or kept a secret. 

Sex toys are increasingly growing in popularity for solo play and couples alike. Why not make such an intimate, regular-use object look just as beautiful as everything else you own? 

Why restrict yourself to certain types of masturbation based on your sexuality? 

The philosophy of the company certainly shines through in the products, there is no doubt about that. 

More than anything, you’ll find that the reviews of all LELO devices speak for themselves. 

The products promise a variety of pleasure-seeking adventures. All different shapes, settings, purposes, and intensities. 

But what does every product have in common I wonder? 

Ah yes, the mind-blowing orgasms. 

Thousands of drooling, satisfied customers will sing the praises of these revolutionary products.  

It knows what it’s here to do, and it does it in style. 

Final Thoughts  

LELO is a brand for anyone that values quality and luxury along with their pleasure. 

It’s a brand for those who value a good company ethos. 

It’s a brand for the people ready to knock down expectations around masturbation, and display that beautifully sculptured vibrator on the bedside table with pride! 

The designs are exceptionally unique, with colors to suit every style. 

There are absolutely zero shortages in options when it comes to finding a toy that works for your body and your vibe (Pun intended). 

From couples' toys to dual stimulation vibrators, they’ve revolutionized it all!  

Not only will you never be bored with so many settings to play with, you’ll never tire of looking at these fantastic works of art. They make a pretty daring luxury gift too! 

Maybe one of the exciting features, you can move from one room to the next with no wires pulling you back. 

No need to pause the foreplay to plug in the vibrator. 

Definitely no worries that a wireless toy won’t be as strong as a plug-in. 

LELO has you covered, and so does SexHarmony! 

Where Can I Buy?  

So, where can you buy LELO’s luxurious range of sex toys and accessories?  

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Why go from website to website looking for all your bedroom goodies when you can find all the best in one place? 

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