Oxballs is a quirky brand specializing in fetish and kink products for men, manufacturing everything from toys, accessories and some seriously radical products not at all for the faint of heart.  


At its core, the brand in and of itself pays a great homage to the gay kink scene that ravished the mid 1950’s, and still continues to influence fetish culture today. 


Oxballs have taken that influence and run with it, revamping its products to ensure not only a modern-day expectation of safety and product knowledge, but designs that inspire curiosity and a sense of adventure in men regardless of sexuality. 


In the vast range of Oxballs products you’re bound to be spoiled for choice, with beginner toys up for grabs such as the variety of inclusively sized cock rings, all the way over to a slightly more advanced selection of ball stretchers. 


You might be a little scared, but you certainly won’t be bored.  


Try everything at least once I always say! 


What Is Oxballs? 


Oxballs owner Stephen Lane began his dive into the world of kink as an erotic author; writing stories for adult magazines to pass the time on his regularly taken long-haul flights. 


One day however, the publication he wrote for had asked him to deliver a package of magazines to some local adult stores. 


Stephen already had the foundation for an interest in fetishism and all things sex; but it wasn’t until he took a look around each of these stores and noticed how lacking they were in interesting and unique male toys that his curiosity and drive really went into full force. 


It struck him immediately that the sex toy market at the time was largely geared towards women; with male products being not much more than an afterthought or something shamefully hidden away in the back corner of the store. 


With this in mind, Stephen headed straight for home to begin sketching out ideas for genuinely creative and fun male products. It wasn’t long before he taught himself how to create molds, and before he knew it, he was fashioning prototypes and experimenting with a whole range of incredible ideas. 


Oxballs was officially born circa 2008, shortly after Stephen hauled both himself and all of his genius ideas over to Silverlake, California.  


This became the hub of the brand, where distribution started off as small, local and geared specifically toward a niche gay following. 


Expansions soon came though, with the company realizing it could hugely grow both its distribution range and its customer base. 


Originally shaping its brand for the local hardcore leather gay scenes, Oxballs began to realise that men's attitudes around sex toys had massively shifted over the years, with guys of all ages and sexualities opening themselves up to the world of kink, and seeing toys as something to embrace rather than to fear. 


Oxballs didn't want to lose that momentum, and more than anything wanted to contribute to the de-stigmatization of male toys. 


It adapted its strategy, creating and revamping its range to appeal to people of all interests and levels of expertise; not to mention wildly increasing its distribution to men across practically every continent. 


Oxballs has always wanted its products to be curious and visually enticing, it wants to appeal to the part of every man that craves adventure and excitement, and it does not want to shut anyone out from the opportunity to experience that. 


Stephen Lane aims to inspire a sense of wonder and inquisitiveness about both the brand and its products, much like the kind he himself felt when he first entered the world of fetishism.  


Product Design 


The Oxballs toys and accessories aren't considered outlandishly fun for no reason. 


Take the Oxballs Reversible Penetration Glove for example, this acutely versatile and sleek product is designed gorgeously as a love letter to the traditionally skin-tight and expertly crafted fetish wear that has kept its literal tight grip on kinksters across the globe. 


This glossy transparent black glove boasts five different and distinctive textures on each finger, fashioned brutally to appease both a punisher and a gentle hole-explorer alike. 


Not to mention, the high-quality and carefully structured design guarantees that no matter the hand or hole size, you’ll find your gear to be a perfect fit! 


Many of the toys and accessories in the Oxballs range are designed with a shiny and polished finish. Not only does this provide a smooth, silky feel but it also ensures that each product looks deliciously and temptingly enticing once you break out the lube and slick it up! 


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Trust me, Oxballs products are not for the lube-adjacent! 


Which brings me rather swiftly onto the stunningly modern craftsmanship of the Oxballs Butt Plug range.  


We’ve all heard of traditional butt plugs; a fantastic way to train and stretch your sphincter for a little anal fun or even punish a misbehaving playmate. 


But Oxballs has been more than determined to take it just one step further with their devilish collection of fuckable butt plugs. 


Designed in both a glaring and seductive red as well as a traditional black coat, the range has been crafted specifically to have a skin-like feel and ensure an extremely secure placement inside the rectum.  


Much like the brands more traditional buttplug range, these toys have been manufactured with a variety of size needs in mind; although that is not to say that comfort and humility of the wearer is this kink companies' priority. 


The wide lip of the toy is designed for maximum stretching of the anus, providing the other partner enough room and welcoming glide to do his dirty work. 


At the heart of it, Oxballs products are designed for the extremes, and those willing to venture into it. 


Every single product, while possibly intimidating to some, is purposely manufactured to be as visually stimulating as it is physically arousing.  


The block colors are simple in nature, but direct all the attention to the products themselves, forcing you to imagine what wicked and exquisitely depraved acts could possibly be done with it. 

Every element of each toy and accessory is designed to ignite the imagination before it even touches the body.  


When it does, you can expect a texture so soft, pliable and smooth that it deceivingly lets your guard down before the main show really begins. 


Oxballs products are truly a work of art, with the intentions and goals of the brand embedded subtly within each design choice. 


Although, if the brutalist nature of the products isn't quite scratching that pleasure-seeking itch of yours, you can find a variety of other butt plugs, cock rings and penis sleeves a little more on the lighter and brighter side right here at SexHarmony! 


Oxballs have something for everyone, but so do we! 





Oxballs prides itself on the making of its products and prototypes using handmade molds and uniquely sourced materials, all done carefully and with great passion for the potential customer within each of their factories. 


The majority of products in the Oxballs range are constructed using FLEX TPR, a waterproof and skin-safe synthetic rubber with plastic properties; making it one of the most durable and adaptable sex toy materials utilised in the industry. 


The synthetic materials are ideal for molding to the shapes, curvatures and holes of the body; making each product that is made up of FLEX TPR an (initially) comfortable, soft and pleasurable purchase. 


You’ll also find toys and accessories made of soft plastics and lube-compatible, specially blended silicones; making up a variety of bodily-fluid resistant products that are all expertly created to withstand endless different kinds of play and purpose. 


Great care has been taken in the choice of materials used by Oxballs, and the company values its customers need for high-quality and intensely damage resistant products when it comes to the very particular kind of hardcore play they will be used for. 


Despite the premium material quality, it is heavily advised that all Oxballs products are thoroughly cleaned and maintained between each use. 


You can find a whole selection of compatible sex toy and accessory cleaning products in our esteemed collection, get scrubbing you dirty boy! 


Pros and Cons 


I honestly can’t say I have many cons at the ready for Oxballs.  


The brand has taken great care to adapt its niche for a curious new range of customers, and has paid a great deal of respect to the origins of fetishism within all of its products and even its marketing. 


It also must be said that I deeply appreciate a brand that stays true to its niche and following, it can be all too tempting as a company to expand your range to every single intimate interest, gender and kink. 


But Oxballs began as a brand that intended to supply men with toys and accessories that would expand their sexual horizons, and normalize the interest in the previously shamed unconventional. 


It never strayed away from that, and upheld its curious design and aesthetic even in the most beginner and tame of its products. 


Final Thoughts 


Oxballs is a brand for those who want a trusted, well-developed company making their most intimate kink products. 


No cheap materials or manufacturing process would be found anywhere near Oxballs, and neither would derivative or boring designs. 


Oxballs products will inspire, arouse and bring you into a realm of pleasure and adventure you may never have thought possible. 


Curiosity is a part of the human condition, we’re all doomed to it, why not use it to expand your bedroom horizons and knock down sexual expectations while you’re at it?  

Where Can I Buy?  

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