Pink Dildos


Learn More About Pink Dildos

Bring a splash of femininity to your masturbation with a pink dildo! These eye-catching sex toys will add a playful touch to your fun, whether getting off solo or indulging in steaming sexual activity with a lover.

Sex Harmony’s pink dildo collection includes dongs from Blush Novelties, XR Brands, Pipedream, and TopCo. Let’s learn more about these delightful dildos.

What is a Pink Dildo?

No mystery here! Pink dildos are simply phallic-shaped sex toys with pink coloring. They make an excellent pick for woman-on-woman lesbian play, but anyone can enjoy these dongs, regardless of gender or sexuality.

Most dildos are meant to feel like a penis, and you can stick them in your mouth, vagina, or anus – you will want the latter two for pure orgasmic satisfaction! Have no doubt that these penetrative pink sex toys will bring excitement to the bedroom.

Dildos are perfect for G-spot and P-spot (anal prostate) stimulation. Take charge and do the penetrating yourself or surrender control to your partner and let them work their magic.

Types of Pink Dildos For Sale at Sex Harmony

As of writing, Sex Harmony stocks more than 80 pink dildos from leading adult industry brands. Our selection consists of huge pink dildos, vibrating dongs, double-enders, and suction cup toys for hands-free and strap-on play. Let’s learn more.

Big Pink Dildo

If a regular-sized dildo measures 6 to 7 inches, consider dildos 8 inches and above firmly in the large category! Extra-filling and divinely arousing, huge pink dongs are for seasoned sex toy players who know their holes can stretch to the task.

Indeed, a large dildo isn’t just about length, but thickness, too. The girthier the dildo, the more of a challenge it will be to take it deep inside. But for those who can handle a massive tool, the reward is a genuine orgasmic delight. 

Pink Vibrating Dildo

When penetration alone isn’t enough, why not elevate your masturbation sessions with a pink vibrating dildo? The patterned pulsations will set your internal erogenous zones alight and you can adjust the vibration intensity until it is just right.

For instance, the Pink Vibrating Ding Dong (part of the Naturally Yours range from Blush Novelties) comes with a waterproof bullet that boasts 10 vibration settings! Moreover, it’s made from body-safe, phthalate-free TPE plastic. 

Double-Ended Pink Dildo

With a double-ended dildo, you can masturbate with your partner or sink the toy into both holes! These lengthy, bendy pink dongs are versatile and come in a few varieties. Some have the same thickness, while the girth differs in others.

Typically, double-ended dildos are made from jelly rubber or TPE plastic, which gives them that brilliant bendiness needed for double penetration. However, pink glass double-sided dildos do exist, with these best for mutual masturbation. 

Pink Suction Cup Dildo

Play hands-free or bring out the strap-on harness with a pink suction cup dildo. If you want to experiment with different positions, suction cup dongs allow you that opportunity. And if you fancy pegging your partner, well, they are great for that, too!

How to Use a Pink Dildo

Every type of dildo has unique quirks, but there is one quality that binds them all – they are made for penetration! Once you have the ideal toy for your needs, it’s about settling into that erotic headspace and plunging yourself into playtime!

As a rule, go slow at first when you start masturbating. Let your holes adjust to the sensations, relax, and open up. Experiment with the dildo, toying with different thrusting speeds and depths, and learn what feels good.

In most cases, you can use silicone or water-based lubricant. However, you must use the latter with pink silicone dildos as the former could damage the material. 

How to Clean a Pink Dildo

  1. Rinse or wipe off residue stuck to the dildo
  2. Spray and rub with toy cleaner
  3. Wash in warm, soapy water
  4. Rinse for 20-30 seconds
  5. Place the dildo on a towel in an aerated space so it can airdry

Is a Pink Dildo Right for Me?

Pink dildos come in all shapes and varieties – so if you like dildos, they could well be for you! However, if you aren’t keen on looking pretty in pink, we have many other dildo colors in the Sex Harmony store. Why not check them out right now?