Rabbit Dildos


Learn More About Rabbit Dildos

Few sex toys have transcended the adult industry like the Rabbit dildo has. Renowned for its cheeky bunny ears that can induce the most intense clitoral stimulation, this dildo is the go-to masturbatory aid for millions of women worldwide.

What is a Rabbit Dildo?

Rabbit dildos are multi-feature, penis-shaped sex toys made unique by the vibrating rabbit attached. The dildo itself typically has a rotating function and may contain beads for additional internal stimulation. 

These quirks and perks make rabbit dildos a neat upgrade on standard dongs and allow you to experiment with different erotic sensations as part of an all-in-one device.

The clever design enables rabbit dildos to be used for simultaneous vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation. 

There's no other dildo that has quite the same double effect, and it's a much more convenient way to enjoy both than using a separate dildo and vibrator.

Types of Rabbit Dildos For Sale at Sex Harmony

All rabbit dildos come with stimulating bunny ears, but there are some subtle differences between the toys in our collection. Let’s take a closer look.

Silicone Rabbit Dildo

Soft, body-safe silicone is bendy with a realistic feel and is an ideal material for rabbit dildos. If you have a sensitive vagina that doesn’t enjoy firmer toys (i.e., glass dildos), silicone is an excellent solution that is pain-free and all pleasure.

Our silicone rabbit dildo collection includes dongs from CalExotics, Femme Funn, Evolved, and Adam and Eve. All toys are phthalate-free and safe for internal use.

Thrusting Rabbit Dildo

Take the intensity up a notch with a thrusting rabbit dildo! Instead of plunging the toy in and out with your hand, let the machine do the work, penetrating you at the precise speed and depth you desire.

Let’s analyze the Premium Jack Rabbit thrusting dildos from CalExotics. The USB rechargeable toy has a 5.25-inch shaft with 1.5 inches of girth, thrusts at three sensual speeds, and buzzes in seven unique pulsation patterns.

Furthermore, the Premium Jack Rabbit is made from body-safe silicone and is completely waterproof, allowing for naughty shower and bathtime masturbation!

Realistic Rabbit Dildo

Make your rabbit dildo play more realistic with one of these specialized sex toys. These dildos retain the classic bunny ears but boast a more lifelike shaft, detailed with ribbed veins and a penis head and glans.

If you feel smooth dongs are missing something, a realistic dildo could be your best bet for orgasmic delight. We stock rabbits from Adam and Eve, Pretty Love, and Femme Funn – and we could add more to our range at any time!

How to Use a Rabbit Dildo

Before stimulating with any dildo, ensure your mind and body are relaxed and ready for fun! Perhaps play some sexy music or light a sensual candle to set the mood and then increase your arousal by teasing your erogenous zones.

Vibrations and pulsations

Many rabbit dildos have dozens of vibration and pulsation settings. Experiment with these to learn what turns you on the most. Maybe you are sensitive and only need mild vibrations, or are you insatiable and need the most intense buzz you can get?

Thrusting depth

Similarly, you will probably have a preference for thrusting depth. Whether you are penetrating manually or have a specialized dildo, trial various thrusting rhythms to establish what brings you optimum pleasure.

Short and sweet stimulation might be all you require, but you may get more satisfaction from long, hard, filling thrusts.


Always use lubrication for anal play, and we strongly recommend that you do so for vaginal penetration, too. Since many rabbit dildos are silicone, Sex Harmony would like to emphasize that you must use water-based lube with silicone sex toys.

How to Clean a Rabbit Dildo

Firstly, take any removable batteries out of the dildo before cleaning!

Next, rinse the debris and wash your rabbit using toy cleaner and warm, soapy water. Since rabbit dildos have many intricate bits, let your toy air dry.

Is a Rabbit Dildo Right for Me?

If you like versatility when playing with sex toys, multi-function rabbit dildos are likely perfect for you. Indeed, it’s the ideal dildo-and-vibrator hybrid for females, thanks to the on-point clitoral stimulation!

But if you aren’t sure, we have plenty more dildos for you to check out!