Realistic Dildos


Learn More About Realistic Dildos

Get real with a high-quality, detailed realistic dildo from Sex Harmony. Fed up with smooth sex toys that don’t sufficiently replicate a genuine cock? We have the dildos you need to leave you titillated and teased!

Our range includes dildos from Blush Novelties, Pipedream, and Adam and Eve. We stock huge dongs, suction cup dildos, and vibrating toys, and that’s just the start. Let’s discuss everything you need to know about Sex Harmony’s realistic dildos.

What is a Realistic Dildo?

Realistic dildos have one primary aim – to replicate the male genitalia as closely as possible. These sex toys aren’t about smoothness or peculiar designs, but detailed balls with testicles, bulging bulbous veins, and well-shaped cock heads with glans.

Plastic and glass dildos are excellent, but they don’t have the lifelike feel or design of a realistic dildo. And if you crave authenticity in your sexual sexcapades, pleasing aesthetics and skin-like texture are non-negotiable requirements.

And that realism can reach astonishing levels. For example, the most realistic dildos are based on the dicks of adult entertainers. So, if there is a star you have the hots for, why not penetrate yourself with a toy that accurately resembles their cock?

The Best Realistic Dildos For Sale at Sex Harmony

Sex Harmony has an extensive realistic range, with different thicknesses, lengths, and features to satiate all sexplorers. But which dildo is right for you?

Realistic Suction Cup Dildos

Suction cup dildos are great for hands-free pleasure and a must if anal penetration is on your mind. These dongs stick securely to hard surfaces (i.e., hardwood flooring, strong walls), enabling you to thrust or bounce in numerous positions.

Hence, suction cups significantly enhance realistic dildo play. You can get on top, take it from behind, and whatever else your naughty mind may conjure up.

Realistic Black Dildos

Whether you like it small, large, or extra-large, Sex Harmony’s realistic black dildo selection has the toy for you! If you want to satisfy those deep, dark cravings, a realistic dong is the best way to scratch the itch.

Realistic Thrusting Dildos

Buy a realistic thrusting dildo and let the toy do all the work. After all, masturbation should be about pleasure, not giving your arm a workout! Battery-powered thrusting dildos ease in and out at your preferred speed and rhythm, coaxing you to orgasm!

And what better dildo to enjoy the sensations of authentic penetration than a realistic dong manufactured with all the features of a real penis?

Realistic Vibrating Dildos

Amplify your toy-induced orgasm with a vibrating dildo! Don’t limit yourself to plain penetration when you can thrill your ass or vagina with pleasurable pulsations and vibrations. Try a vibrating dong if you can’t reach orgasm with a regular dildo.

Realistic Squirting Dildos

Finish in style with a squirting dildo! When the realistic sensations of glans, veins, and balls aren’t enough, cap off your masturbation with a lifelike creamy shot.

How to Use a Realistic Dildo

Looking to buy your first sex toy? While our enormous dildos like King Cock are tempting, don’t overestimate your capabilities! We recommend starting with a smaller realistic dildo and familiarizing yourself with the feeling of getting filled.

Minimize friction with lubrication. You can get away with less lube with vaginal penetration, but your ass and dildo need lots of lathering for anal play. Remember to use water-based lube with realistic silicone dildos.

Otherwise, using a realistic dildo is self-explanatory – you know where it goes! Take time to experiment with deep and shallow thrusting depths and penetration speeds. You don’t necessarily need to go hard to reach a mind-blowing orgasm.

How to Clean a Realistic Dildo

Keep your realistic dildo perfectly clean with this four-step guide.

  1. Clear any debris or residue with a damp paper towel
  2. Wash with toy cleaner and warm soapy water (don’t fully submerge a battery-operated dildo)
  3. Rinse for at least 20 seconds in running water
  4. Air-dry the dildo 

Is a Realistic Dildo Right for Me?

If your insertable sex toy play has left you feeling like you are missing something, a realistic dildo could fill the void! These delightful dongs feel incredible, whether in your hand or deep inside.

However, not everybody finds the materials used in realistic dildos to their liking. We invite you to explore our dildo collection in more depth.