Satisfyer is a continuously growing sexual wellness and health brand. With well over 200 products in its range, it has become recognised across the globe for its advancements in technologically driven sex toys and multi-award winning product designs. 

While a premium and luxury pleasure brand at its core, the company has made great strides to ensure that no one is excluded from the wildly intensified, spine-tingling orgasms that all of its daring products are guaranteed to provide. 

Satisfyer manufactures everything from upmarket vibrators, anal plugs and penis rings, all the way over to wearable vibrators and male masturbators. 

An impressive variety for a company that has been known to invest so much time, care and individuality into every item in its range.

The brand endlessly reimagines all of the classics we are oh-so wonderfully familiar with, but with a glorious twist. 

The vast majority of its range features the revolutionary Air Pulse technology, providing the user with gorgeously mind-bending hands-free stimulation that more traditional vibrations just cannot compete with. 

Not to mention, Satisfyer exceeds the bounds of visual stimulation (along with the physical) across its entire range, implementing a brilliantly unique, chic and voguish design that more than separates itself from its competitors. 

 What Is Satisfyer?  

Satisfyer was brought to life back in 2016, its home and birthplace being the equally curious and popular city of Bielefeld in Germany. 

 Even with the hilarious conspiracy theory that the city of Bielefeld does not actually exist, Satisfyer certainly does, and has gone on to make a name for itself as one of the most advanced, modern and creative brands in the entire industry of sex toys and wellness products.  

The goal of the company has always been to connect women, men and couples alike with their ever-evolving fantasies and natural draw toward pleasure. 

The brand believes our sexuality can be used as a superpower to improve our health, empower ourselves, and give both our bodies and minds the satisfaction they not only crave; but deserve. 

With this tightly held belief in mind; Satisfyer has designed and manufactured its products to serve the purpose of ultimate pleasure and intimate joy. 

In just six years from the companies' humble start, it has grown into a beloved and trusted human-centric staple in the sex-positive and wellness community. 

You’ll now find the ever-evolving Satisfyer toys and accessories being sold worldwide, with over 400 international design awards under its belt and a permanent top-spot in the industry for its feats in phone application-controlled sex toys. 

Beyond impressive I have to say, and so much achieved in what is honestly quite a short amount of time for a brand to have been around and build up such a trusted and esteemed reputation. 

Product Design 

Satisfyer toys are in a whole other league of their own when it comes to product design. 

As previously mentioned, a variety of products in the women's range are specially designed with the dazzlingly imaginative and newly launched Air Pulse Technology. 

This technology has been ornately implemented to generate and send adjustable pressure waves onto the clitoris and surrounding erogenous zones; resulting in what can only be described as fully personalized and downright explosive orgasms, not to mention an unbeatable build-up. 

You should always relish in the build-up, and Satisfyer products will make sure you do just that.  

Did I mention these toys are also app controlled? 

Designed to give you more control and power over your orgasms, many of the Satisfyer Air Pulse toys are optionally compatible with the brand's very own, uniquely built phone application. 

No more reaching around at awkward angles in the throes of pleasure. Just lay back, relax, and dial up the speed with a flick of your finger!  

Don’t think for a second that Satisfyer forgot about its male customers, oh no. 

Geared and manufactured to satisfy the needs of every modern man, the state-of-the-art masturbators have been fitted with an inbuilt thermal motor that provokes intense vibrations and stimulates localized body temperature; creating realistic and sensual sensations all the while completely reimagining the idea of what male masturbation should feel like. 

They are a sensational redesign of classic male toys, made for the men who want much more than some boring old hand-play! 

I briefly touched on the brand's incredible award portfolio. When looking at each and every product Satisfyer has put out into the world, it is not hard to see why the company has taken top spot in the industry, and for their designs alone. 

The Satisfyer range is a visual force like no other, and it is difficult not to find yourself in awe of its subtle elegance and almost décor-like structure. 

The vibrators in particular embody a perfectly sleek frame that somehow manages to encapsulate minimalism and curiosity all at the same time; mainly due to their unique curvatures and expertly crafted angles I honestly can’t say I've ever seen before. 

The male toys are equally as fascinatingly designed; with a slightly more geometric aesthetic but all the same level of care put into the placement of pleasure-invoking curves and bulges featured on the anal plugs and penis rings.

You’ll also find a huge variety of tastefully selected  color options with Satisfyer.  

Whether you’re looking for a little black vibrating plug to slip into for a hot date, or an adorably sweet pastel yellow vibrator to match your bedroom aesthetic; Satisfyer have got every single preference covered, and every color in-between! 

With such devotion, forethought and care gone into the design of each of its products; it’s no wonder Satisfyer has seen itself win international design awards time and time again. 

The products speak to the ethos of the brand, that masturbation and sex is a beautiful thing that should be enjoyed with every sense you have at your disposal.  

Visual stimulation, physical exploration and mental satisfaction.  

Satisfyer has truly nailed it. 


All of the products in the Satisfyer range are built for intensive and intimate use; with the materials consisting of lightweight, environmentally friendly and skin-like TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), ABS plastic and lusciously body-safe silicones. 

Excluding the Satisfyer Number 1 and Number 2 toy, all of the materials used and products made by the brand are given a waterproof finish.   

The toys can be submerged up to one meter in depth but for no longer than 30 minutes, as per the impressive IPX7 rating given to the products. 

Due to the high-quality and first-rate materials used by Satisfyer, you can expect every product to greet you with a soft and inviting touch, unbeatable comfort and extraordinary durability. 

These are toys that are built to withstand even the most passionate of play times. 

Bodily fluids, lubrication, and even an entire meter of water cannot stop the Satisfyer toys! 

It is recommended that all products be thoroughly cleaned and maintained after use to avoid damage, maintain longevity and decrease the risk of bacterial infection. 

The non-porous and silky-smooth feel of the range makes a simple clean-up easier than ever, simply wipe down and put away! 

For an extra helping hand, take a look at some of the sex toy cleaners we stock right here at SexHarmony!

Keep your Satisfyer toys clean, and your body healthy. They don’t call themselves a wellness brand for nothing!

Pros and Cons  

It isn't an easy job trying to find downsides to a brand (and its products) that has an insane number of awards, recognition and a rallying customer base under its belt. 

All gained in just six years too, it’s a real child-prodigy of a company!

The innovation of the hands-free, app controlled and new age vibrational system within the toys are certainly a fantastic and intriguing selling point.  

What's more, it sits perfectly in line with the company wide belief that no person should be excluded from sexual expression or self-love. It gives those with limited to zero mobility the freedom to explore their bodies intimately and with full control. 

I personally think that is a beautifully inclusive and very much needed pro for any people-centric company, and Satisfyer has nailed it. 

It is also worth noting the stunning color selection available across the range. Again.   

Customization and self-expression don’t begin and end with vibrational settings at Satisfyer; it extends to your personal taste and style too.  

At Satisfyer, they don’t want you to lock up your toys in some hidden drawer. They want its products to be an extension of you, your wellness and your sexuality. To be proudly owned, used and enjoyed in all the ways the human senses allow.   

The layers of good intention, positivity and love really does shine through the brand and its selection alike. 

That is a huge, unbeatable pro in my book. 

Final Thoughts 

The brands stride in technological and ergonomic sex toys is simply astounding, and has done more to change consumers expectations and standards in six years than many of its competitors have struggled to do in twenty. 

It is as clear as day that this is a company built on modern, progressive belief systems around sex, love and health.  

Satisfyer came into the industry with the intention of uplifting the people, filling a gap for advanced and high-tech toys in the market, and giving the world a whole new perspective on shameless masturbation. 

There is something for everyone with Satisfyer. 

Women, men, couples, and everyone in between. You are sure to find something that satisfies your innermost urges, and connects you with your body in a way that has never been done before. 

It certainly cannot be done with just you and your hand alone, sorry about that! 

Where Can I Buy? 

You must be vibrating in your seat with anticipation, just waiting to find out where you can get your hands on the beloved Satisfyer range. 

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