About Sliquid

It’s the year 2002, everyone was celebrating the New England Patriots' win over the St Louis Rams, except Dean Elliot. I had something else on my mind, my wife was allergic to the glycerin in the store-bought lubricant. 

I’m sure you’d agree this was a serious matter with grave consequences. It was the last time I would have my fun spoilt by companies too lazy to look for healthier lubricant ingredients. I knew I was the only one who could get my wife wet, and this was how Sliquid started.

The major challenge was creating a product that relied solely on natural ingredients. With a little research, I found out that “nature” had all the tools needed to make this product a reality. With the determination of a man tired of having his fun ruined, the journey to create the world’s most natural lube began.

The Secret To Our Popularity

From Amazon, Walmart, and Thebloomi, to your local sex store,  Sliquid products can be found all over. This popularity did not come by chance and I’d like to share the secret. We’ve always had a “consumer first” mentality; from our easy-to-use online stores to our high-quality lubes that leave your legs shaking. 

Our customer’s come from different genders, races, ages, sexual orientations, and cultural backgrounds. With this in mind, making our product as inclusive as possible was a top priority. The products do not discriminate, especially when it comes to delivering pleasure, everyone gets a piece. 

The saying “do not bite the hand that feeds you” is a common one.  Respecting mother nature has been instrumental to our success. By using recyclable and organic materials in every stage of our manufacturing process, production costs are adequately managed. This is good news for the consumers and the key to our friendly prices. 

What We Offer


Having the time of your life ruined by lubrication challenges can be annoying, especially when you both want it, or the four of you (whatever floats your boat). There are organics, silicone-based, Sliquid h2o gun lubes and so much more.  You might like

Naturals Swirl - Green Apple - 4.2 Fl. Oz. (124 ml)

This Sliquid lube will enhance your overall experience like salt added to a plate of stew. The Natual swirl is a water-based lube made from the most earth-friendly ingredients. 

100% Vegan friendly, it has a slight apple taste that is not overwhelming; It’s here to add a little bit of spice  This product is glycerin and parabellin free, and you can use it without worrying about stains. 

Sliquid Starr Silicone
The marines don’t answer petty theft calls, they handle the big jobs everyone is scared of. When it comes to lubricants, dry body parts shiver at the mention of Sliquid Starr Silicone. This lube does it all. 

Its ultra-concentrated silicone blend makes it the perfect companion for anal play, solo, or with a partner. It doesn’t matter what tool you have at hand, latex, rubber, or plastic, it’s compatible with them all. 

Bubble Bath Soaks

Every moment of your life should be momentous. Seeing as we had so much success spicing up your sex life, we want to make bath time fun too.  Put on a slow jam, dim the lights, and use any of our Sliquid bubble baths soaks to clean up in style. You might like

Sliquid soak bubble bath-coconut papaya

It’s still the same Sliquid Sassy product you know and love, with a little twist. This bubble bath is made from the finest coconut and papaya extracts. Now you can enjoy the moisturizing power of coconut and the anti-inflammatory properties of papaya. 


The human skin is precious, after all, it’s the reason you feel spasmic pleasure with our organic lubes. We love healthy skin which is why all our products are formulated to take care of them. From our skin-friendly lubes and bubble baths to our body lotions. You might like

Soothe Body Lotion- Mandarin Bergamot 8.5 FL Oz/ 255ml

Sensual and silky-smooth are the words that come to mind once you apply this lotion. Its vegan-friendly ingredients restore lost vitamins and leave your skin feeling fresh and revitalized.

The combination of natural butter, olive oil, and other essential oils is the key to its ability to work on different skin types. It leaves the scent of mandarin and bergamot that is natural without overpowering other fragrances. 

Balance Soothe Body Lotion-Sweet Coconut-8.5 Fl Oz/ 255ml

If you love the beach and tropical smells, you’d feel right at home with this product. Its fragrance is distinctive and boldly proclaims your love for luxury. It’s non-greasy and walking under the sun won’t have you sweating for no reason. 

One product for all was the aim of this product. From dry to oily skin, it’ll leave you feeling fresh and smooth. 

Frequently asked questions

How much serving should I use for a bath?

The cap of this product is the only measuring device you would need. Pour one capful into your bathtub for each bathing session. If you like your baths extra bubbly, use two servings. 

Can I return this product?

Customers can return the product if it was delivered with a broken seal. At this point, they’re eligible for a full refund or can swap it for another product. 

What’s the estimated delivery time?

Orders within the United States can be delivered within 7 days. Orders in countries outside the U.S.A take between 7-14 days to reach the buyer.