Small Dildos


Learn More About Small Dildos

Feeling a little daunted by some of the giant dongs we sell at Sex Harmony? Don't worry! We have an excellent selection of small dildos, too!

If six inches or below sounds more appropriate, you have clicked on the right page. Let's take a closer look at the brands we have available – these include Blush Novelties, Doc Johnson, and Pipedream - and the features of these tiny sex toys.

What is a Small Dildo?

Our small dildos typically measure six inches or fewer and are markedly less girthy than other dongs. These small, phallic-shaped insertable sex toys are perfect for anal and vaginal play if you have little experience with dildos.

Perhaps a small dildo is enough for you, or maybe you want to start here and work your way up to massive toys. Whatever your motivation for purchasing a small-sized dong, Sex Harmony has the variety to satisfy your needs.

Types of Small Dildos For Sale at Sex Harmony

Not all slender dildos are the same – some are super-tiny, others vibrate, and a few have a suction cup for hands-free pleasure. Let’s discover more and explore the benefits of different dildo types.

Small Glass Dildo

Don’t fret! These glass dildos won’t smash or shatter – they are made from extra-firm borosilicate glass, which is much firmer than the stuff in your windows. Hence, small glass dildos have a rock-hard feel with ribs and ridges in all the right spots.

Unlike other dildos, you can indulge in temperature play with glass dildos, experiencing the feeling of being full, with a hot or cold sensation. Warm up your toy before play, or stick it in the freezer for chilled-down orgasmic pleasure!

Small Realistic Dildo

Going smaller doesn’t restrict you from realism – after all, some people have small penises! If you want a high-quality, detailed dong with a head, glans, veins, and balls, we have a selection of small realistic dildos for you to feast your eyes upon.

Check out Dr. Lucas, a 5-inch silicone dildo from Blush Novelties (part of their Dr. Skin collection). This small, soft insertable sex toy measures a mere 1.25 inches wide, allowing you to slip it in and slide it out with minimal fuss.

Small Vibrating Dildo

Vibrate your way to orgasm with a small vibrating dildo from Sex Harmony. If the penetrating sensation doesn’t satisfy you enough, the delicious pulsations of a buzzing dong could be the extra help you need to achieve masturbatory delight.

Small Suction Cup Dildo

Pleasuring yourself shouldn’t be a chore! With a small suction cup dildo, you can enjoy hands-free anal or vaginal stimulation while experimenting with numerous naughty positions. Stick the toy to the floor or the shower wall, and have some fun!

Suction cup dongs can double up as strap-on dildos, too. They fit snugly and securely to a harness and allow the female to take on the penetrative role! Strap-ons are ideal for lesbian tops and dominant women who want to peg their male lover. 

How to Use a Small Dildo

If you have opted for a small dildo, your holes may struggle to accept penetrative sex toys. However, a slender dong is more likely to yield orgasmic results, especially if your mind and body are on the same page!

Lubricant is essential, as the self-lubrication of the vagina isn't enough for friction-free. Apply lube (water-based if using a silicone dildo) and ensure your hole is wet and juicy before penetrating. Use extra lube for anal play.

Take it easy, gently pressing the dildo against your hole, checking in with your body, and pushing in deeper if everything feels comfortable. Sample different thrusting speeds and depths until you learn how to bring yourself the most orgasmic pleasure.

How to Clean a Small Dildo

You must clean small dildos like any other dildo. Take out any removable batteries before washing the toy!

  1. Rinse and wipe any residue off the dildo
  2. Rub the dildo with toy cleaner
  3. Wash in warm, soapy water
  4. Rinse with running water for 20 seconds
  5. Airdry for best results – airdrying ensures the entire dildo completely dries

Is a Small Dildo Right for Me?

If you have tight holes or haven’t tried playing with insertable sex toys before, a small dildo could be an excellent choice. However, for those of you more experienced or fancying a challenge, check out some of the bigger dildos Sex Harmony has available!