Squirting Dildos


Learn More About Squirting Dildos

Left underwhelmed with the finale when masturbating using a traditional dong? With a squirting dildo from Sex Harmony, you can finish your play with a creamy treat!

We have a selection of squirting sex toys from some of the adult industry’s best-known brands. Let’s take a deep dive into what squirting dildos are, the types you can buy, how to use them, and whether they are a good fit for you. 

What is a Squirting Dildo?

Squirting dildos are penis-shaped sex toys that ejaculate on demand, much like a real cock! An excellent choice for those seeking more realism when they get down and dirty, squirting dongs can give you that creamy finish you have been craving.

These insertable sex toys have a compartment you can fill with a semen-like substance, which shoots out the end on your request. If you want ultimate pleasure capped off with a facial or internal ejaculation, squirting dongs are the way to go.

Types of Squirting Dildos For Sale at Sex Harmony

We love giving our customers options and stock several squirting dildos to scratch all itches. Here’s a closer look at the differences.

Realistic Squirting Dildos

Realistic by name, realistic by nature! This type of squirting dildo has plumply-shaped balls, a well-carved cock head and glans, and gorgeous bulbous veins that wind along the shaft. With these details, it’s no surprise that it squirts!

Much like the real thing, these toys come in different girths and lengths – we have dongs for seasoned sex toy players and slender dildos for the less experienced. Many products also include Jizzle Juice, a creamy fake cum alternative.

Huge Squirting Dildos

Our huge dildos merit a special mention. Measuring 10 inches and above, these are the best squirting dildos for those with an insatiable need to be filled. Huge squirting dongs come with length and thickness but maintain that realism. 

Strap-On Squirting Dildos

What good is a realistic-looking ejaculating dildo if you cannot strap it on and go to town? Our collection of squirting strap-on dildos caters to pegging fantasies and lesbian lovers who want to bring a penis into their play.

Squirting Dildos Brands at Sex Harmony

Sex Harmony only accepts the best – and we have strict requirements when deciding which brands to stock. Here are three that made the cut. 


Pipedream is an established sex toy manufacturer and the name behind many of the industry’s best-known dildos. Made with body-safe and phthalate-free materials, Pipedream’s ejaculating sex toys will plunge you deep into pleasure.

King Cock

Many eye-poppingly long dongs come from King Cock. Thick, meaty, and in this case, creamy, these realistic toys are perfect for those who desire authenticity.


As the name suggests, Squirtz is a specialist in squirting sex toys, with a range of ejaculating dildos and vaginas in their repertoire. While ultra-reliable in the squirting department, they look less realistic than some of our other brands. 

How to Use a Squirting Dildo

Getting the maximum from any dildo means learning how hard and deep to thrust for ultimate satisfaction. Some like short and fast thrusts, whereas others prefer things slower and deeper. Communicate with your partner if playing as a pair.

As for the squirting aspect, fill the dildo with your chosen liquid according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The best squirting dildos will only jizz on your command – so when you are ready, give those full balls a squeeze!

You could fill the dildo with Jizzle Juice, flavored lubricant, or semen-imitating lube. But stay away from food products, oil-based lubricants, and any liquid you wouldn’t drink!

Use a lubricant when playing with a squirting dildo, particularly if taking it from behind. Silicone-based lubes can wreck silicone dongs, so stick with water-based solutions!

How to Clean a Squirting Dildo

Dismantle the dildo and rinse each part (i.e., the dildo, the tubing, and the pump component) in warm, soapy water. We recommend using toy cleaner, as well.

Airdry each part of the device to ensure it fully dries. 

Is a Squirting Dildo Right for Me?

Squirting dildos are a little messy, but if you don’t mind extra clean-up after masturbating, these could be brilliant for you. However, if creamy fake semen play doesn’t turn you on, consider one of our other dildos