Strapless Dildos


Learn More About Strapless Dildos

Pounding your partner with a strap is an excellent way to assert your authority in the bedroom. But there’s one notable downside – the wearer (who does all the work!) doesn’t receive any physical pleasure. Thankfully, a strapless dildo can change that!

If you are wondering what the heck a strapless dong is, how they stay in place, or all the naughty ways you can use them, you have come to the right page! 

What is a Strapless Dildo?

Effectively, a strapless dildo serves the same purpose as a strap on dildo, but without the strap! These phallic-shaped, wearable sex toys fit snugly in a woman’s vagina, stimulating her G-spot as she thrusts into her partner’s gaping hole.

Strapless dildos have emerged as a clever alternative to strap-on dongs for women fed up with the all-effort, no-reward nature of the penetrative role. Whether you are a lesbian top or a femdom pegging a guy, a strapless cock could enhance your play.

The best strapless dildos make sexual satisfaction a two-way thing when engaging in such activities. So, throw away the harness and go strapless today!

Types of Strapless Dildos For Sale at Sex Harmony

We like spoiling you at Sex Harmony with a multitude of options, as reflected by our varied strapless dildo selection. Let’s learn more about the types you can buy.

Pink Strapless Dildo

These cute sex toys are perfect for feminine lesbian play. Most come with a lengthy penis for penetrating your partner and a bulb for slipping into your vagina. We even stock toys with anal beads jutting off the back, so you can stimulate both holes!

Many pink dildos are made from waterproof, phthalate-free silicone, keeping you safe while setting the stage for shower sex. Silicone-based lube is a no-no with silicone sex toys, but we have several water-based lubes available.

Strapless Vibrating Dildo

The wearer can enjoy more vaginal stimulation with a vibrating bulb buzzing against her G-spot. Yes, these utterly delightful dildos exist, and the pulsations could be the trigger that tips you into pleasure-soaked orgasmic bliss.

These strapless dildos typically have a vibrator attached (or two if there is an anal stimulator!), with settings you can tweak. And in many cases, the dildo shaft has a ribbed design, treating the receiver to even more divine sensations!

Inflatable Strapless Dildo

And if you crave even more, why not try a strapless dildo with an inflatable vaginal bulb? The 10X Ergo-Fit from U Strap is a great example, which inflates at the press of a button, allowing you to amplify the pleasure until you reach a crescendo.

Indeed, with an inflatable dildo like this, the penetrator arguably gets more pleasure than the penetrated! And it comes without the awkward feeling of wearing a harness. 

How to Use a Strapless Dildo

Many are surprised that strapless toys fit so securely given their delicate appearance. But when the wearer slides the bulb inside, her pelvic floor muscles do an admiral job of keeping the dildo in place and creating the prettiest of sights.

An anal stimulator further helps with ensuring a firm fit. But whichever strapless toy you pick, we suggest using lube and getting acquainted with the feeling of wearing the dildo before diving into the steamy action.

Yes, the vagina self-lubricates, but additional lubricant promotes slippery fun with maximum arousal and no uncomfortable friction. And by taking time to adjust to wearing the dildo, you will learn how to stop it from popping out while you are penetrating!

How to Clean a Strapless Dildo

Clean your strapless dildo after every use to stop it from becoming a hub for infections. It might not be fun, but cleaning is an essential part of playing with sex toys.

  1. Remove batteries (if present) from the toy before washing
  2. Wipe down the dildo with a paper towel
  3. Spray with toy cleaner and wash in soapy, warm water
  4. Rinse
  5. Let the strapless dildo airdry to ensure the entire toy dries

Is a Strapless Dildo Right for Me?

Strapless dildos are ideal for lesbian sex, female-on-male pegging, and any situation where the dominant partner doesn’t have a real penis to work with! A high-quality strapless toy might cost more than a strap-on dildo, but it’s a superb investment.

If these dongs don’t suit your circumstances, please explore our other dildo collections!