Suction Cup Dildos


Learn More About Suction Cup Dildos

Secure that suction cup dildo and get ready for hands-free fun like never before! With these naughty sex toys, you can bounce, thrust, and grind your way to orgasmic delight without the limitations of a regular dildo.

At Sex Harmony, we have suction cup dongs from several renowned manufacturers, including Dr. Skin, Loverboy, and Fleshstixxx. Ready to learn more about our collection of suction cup toys? Let’s begin! 

What is a Suction Cup Dildo?

A suction cup dildo is a phallic-shaped sex toy that sticks to hard surfaces so you can indulge in penetrative masturbation without using your hands. These insertables will add spice to your sexual activities, whether playing solo or engaging with a lover.

When sealing a suction cup dildo to a surface, the air squeezes out, creating a low-pressure region within the suction cup. The atmospheric pressure outside the cup presses down on the air inside the cup, hence that sticky suction!

But that’s your science lesson for the day! Let’s delve into the different types of suction cup dildos at Sex Harmony and learn about the various sizes, materials, and features available.

Types of Suction Cup Dildos For Sale at Sex Harmony

We have more than 150 suction cup dildos in our collection and are always looking for exciting new toys to improve our range!


Silicone: Many of our finest dildos with suction cups are made from silicone. The soft, non-porous material is perfect for penetrative sex toys, stretching the anus or vagina without pain and delivering divine sensations.

If you need lube, stick with a water-based product – silicone lubes damage silicone sex toys. 

PVC: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is used by many sex toy manufacturers. Sometimes described as jelly rubber, bendy PVC is an alternative to regular rubber. Sex Harmony stocks products from brands using body-safe, phthalate-free PVC.


If hands-free penetration isn’t realistic enough, we have suction cup dildos made with balls, veins, and penis heads to ramp up the authenticity. These realistic dildos come in several sizes, from a handful of inches to double figures! 


For those who love length and girth, a large suction cup dildo can give you that filling sensation you need! We don’t recommend these for sex toy beginners, but they are great for more advanced players. And whatever you do, use lube!


Guarantee good vibes with a vibrating suction cup dildo! If you crave more than a filled-up feeling in your hole, a vibrating toy can douse you with even more orgasmic pleasure. Most vibrating sex toys have several speeds and pulsation patterns. 

How to Use a Suction Cup Dildo

A flat, hard surface is vital for getting the most from a suction cup dildo. The toy won’t stick to other surfaces (at least not for any length of time), which will ruin the mood when trying to get off!

Ideal suction cup dildo positions include hardwood floors, strong walls, and even the shower and bathtub. We suggest deciding on a place before you play and checking how firmly the suction cup attaches. Then you can focus on the important stuff! 

These dongs are excellent for strap-on fun, whether that relates to lesbian lovers or a titillating BDSM femdom relationship. The suction cup securely attaches to the harnesses used in strap-on play, effectively turning your toy into a strap-on dildo!

Of course, you can play with a suction cup toy manually, as you would a standard dildo – but that would be more of a backup option than a first-choice move.

How to Clean a Suction Cup Dildo

Cleaning is crucial with all sex toys, and more so when playing with insertable dildos. Clear any residue and debris with a wet paper towel, and wash with toy cleaner (or liquid soap) and warm water. Never submerge battery-powered dildos in water.

Once clean, place the suction cup dildo on a towel in an airy space. It’s best to let it dry naturally!

Is a Suction Cup Dildo Right for Me?

Do you like hands-free pleasure? Do you want a toy that can double up for strap-on play? Do you like the idea of masturbating in the shower?

If you answered yes to any of these, a suction cup dildo could be for you. And if not, you might still have fun with these or any toy from our dildo collection