Thrusting Dildos


Learn More About Thrusting Dildos

Pound your way to sexual delight with a relentless thrusting dildo from Sex Harmony. These extra-penetrative sex toys push deeper and provide more pleasure than your average dildo, making you feel fuller and more satisfied than ever.

If this is your first time seeing thrusting dildos, it's your lucky day! We will explore how they work, look at the different types available, and share some tips and tricks on how to get the most from these naughty toys. Let's get it on!

What is a Thrusting Dildo?

A thrusting dildo is a penis-like sex toy with an internal motor that can thrust inside you, simulating penetration and stimulating your holes! Masturbation should be a relaxing and pleasurable activity, so sit back and let the dildo do all the hard graft.

Not only do they thrust, but they vibrate, too! Picture the scene: your thrusting dildo is plunging deep inside you while pulsating in an array of arousing patterns. Of course, these vibrations provide maximum G-spot pleasure.

If partnered sex isn’t possible for you right now, a thrusting dildo is the next best thing. You will experience that unforgettable feeling of getting plowed – and with a sizeable pleasure rod at that. And you won’t have to return the favor!

Types of Thrusting Dildos For Sale at Sex Harmony

If you are familiar with the sex toy industry, you will know there is a ton of variety. Thrusting dildos are no exception, and we stock several of them at Sex Harmony.

Realistic Thrusting Dildo

If you want that authentic thrusting sensation, why not go the whole way with a realistic dildo? These dongs have heavy balls, protruding veins, a detailed penis head, and a natural curve to replicate the real thing as closely as possible.

Don’t worry, realistic thrusting dildos still vibrate – and you can manage these settings from the base. Moreover, these dildos gradually warm up to body temperature as you play, further adding to the sense of realism. 

Dildo Thrusting Machine

Ambitious sex toy fans will love the intense thrusting possibilities of a dildo machine. Admittedly, these don’t come cheap, but if your holes are dripping for a challenge and you want otherworldly penetration, these dildos are up to the task.

Thrusting dildo machines enable hands-free fun in whatever position you can dream up – your imagination is the only limitation! Since you can set the dildo up and let it run, you can relax into the pleasure more than with a hands-on thrusting dildo.

Thrusting Rabbit Dildo

With a thrusting rabbit dildo, you can combine G-spot stimulation with clitoral excitation. As that extending toy pushes deep inside, those naughty rabbit ears will deliver pinpoint vibrations to the clitoris, sending your arousal into overload.

The Naughty Bits Cumball Machine Thrusting Jack Rabbit Vibrator from CalExotics is a perfect example of a thrusting rabbit dildo available at Sex Harmony.

How to Use a Thrusting Dildo

Any machine-operated sex toy requires care during use since you have a little less control over the penetration. Learn how your thrusting dildo works – such as how much it vibrates and how deep it thrusts – before sliding it inside.

Lubricate your vagina or anus beforehand and ensure the dildo is slippery. You want maximum moistness for easy thrusting without the risk of pain and microtears posed by friction-laden dry penetration.

When you are ready to rumble, push the dildo inside a couple of inches before turning on the thrusting mechanism. That initial penetration will stop the dildo from slipping out as t thrusts.

How to Clean a Thrusting Dildo

  1. Use a damp paper towel to wipe debris from the dildo
  2. Rub with toy cleaner
  3. Wash the dildo in warm water with liquid soap
  4. Find a discreet spot to airdry the toy

All thrusting dongs have an internal motor. Avoid submerging your dildo in water, as this could cause irreparable damage.

Is a Thrusting Dildo Right for Me?

If you like the filling sensation of deep penetration, a thrusting dildo could give you more mind-blowing orgasms than a classic dong. And with the dildo doing the hard work, you can relax and let the toy guide you to bliss.

However, if you aren't convinced by thrusting dildos, we have many more dongs to keep your holes stimulated and satisfied. Explore our dildo collection page and discover the endless possibilities.