Vibrating Dildos


Learn More About Vibrating Dildos

Buzz your way to orgasm with a vibrating dildo from Sex Harmony! A naughty twist on insertable sex toys, these dildos can magnify the fun, whether with a lover or going solo. Let’s learn more about Sex Harmony’s collection of vibrating dongs.

What is a Vibrating Dildo?

Vibrating dildos are sex toys that vibrate! They are perfect for bringing more intense erotic sensations and arousal to your masturbation and increasing penetration pleasure. Vibrating dildos come in different sizes, varieties, and materials.

These internally stimulating sex toys have an enclosed device that can vibrate at various speeds and intensities and in different patterns. The more expensive and higher quality the toy, the more vibrating possibilities you will have at your fingertips.

Types of Vibrating Dildos For Sale at Sex Harmony

Sex Harmony stocks multiple vibrating dildos – let’s start by exploring the different materials they are made from.


Silicone: We have a selection of vibrating dildos made from silicone. Known for its super-soft feel, silicone is an excellent material if you have sensitive private parts and want the most comfortable internal stimulation possible.

Silicone is a flexible material famed for its rebound and resilience – this makes it perfect for vibrating dildos, whether you like it rough or sensual! 

You must use water-based lubricant with these dildos, as silicone-based lube will damage the silicone.

Jelly: Generally cheaper than silicone, jelly is a widely-used vibrating dildo material that boasts bendiness and resilience. All jelly dildos available at Sex Harmony are body-safe and phthalate-free. 

Suction Cup Vibrating Dildo

Many of our vibrating dildos come with a suction cup, offering more possibilities for masturbation and partner play. Simply smack a suction cup vibrating dildo to a hard surface and thrust back and forth or bounce up and down on the buzzing toy.

Vibrating and Thrusting Dildo

Thrusting dildos recreate the sensation of getting penetrated by a lover – and the vivacious vibrations of these toys are an orgasmic bonus! With a thruster, you can lay back and relax as the dildo does the work of plunging in and out at your ideal speed.

Huge Vibrating Dildo

That’s right. We have average-sized vibrating dildos, and then we have huge ones for when you want to, shall we say, stretch yourself! The extra girth and length give your holes a thorough stuffing, making for more intense body-shuddering orgasms!

How to Use a Vibrating Dildo

Ensure your dildo is charged before use – you don’t want it quitting on you midway through play! Once ready, bring out the lube. It’s a must for anal play and suggested for vaginal play – the vagina self-lubricates, but lube further reduces friction.

When trying out a new toy, learn all about it before going balls deep! Assess the thickness and whether you need to go easy when internally stimulating. If you have a suction cup toy for strap-on play, get familiar with wearing it before pegging.

Be sure to communicate if your partner is controlling the vibration and penetration. Without communication, they could go too hard and cause discomfort, or they might be overly cautious, leaving you frustrated and unfulfilled. A little talk goes a long way.

Getting the most from a vibrating dildo requires some experimentation. You might not enjoy every speed, intensity, or pulsation pattern your toy pumps out, so take the time to scroll through the various options.

How to Clean a Vibrating Dildo

Battery-powered vibrating dildos demand more caution when cleaning. If possible, remove the batteries first – and don’t fully submerge toys in water if you can’t.

Wipe away debris on the dildo before washing it with warm water and antibacterial soap. We highly recommend using toy cleaner, too. Place the clean vibrating dildo on a towel and let it air-dry.

Is a Vibrating Dildo Right for Me?

If regular dildos have left you feeling underwhelmed and unsatisfied, reverberating vibrations to your erogenous zones could be just what you need. 

Vibrating dildos are a clever choice for sex toy beginners. Because even if you don’t enjoy the pulsations and vibrations, you will still have a thick pleasure rod to fill yourself with. Dildos that vibrate simply give you more options in the bedroom.

Still unconvinced about vibrating sex toys? Explore our selection of dildos to find something more suitable.