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Wet Lubes Landing Page 


Founded in 1989, Wet Lubes has grown to become a best-selling and leading brand in the sexual wellness and lubricants industry. 


Created by Trigg Laboratories and manufactured in Las Vegas, Nevada, Wet Lubes has swiftly become well-known for its premium and straight up fun lubricants.  


What happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas with Wet Lubes!


The products are manufactured from the highest quality ingredients, and specially designed to last longer than any other competing lubricant brands on the market. 


But Wet Lubes increasingly popular flavored range is where the innovation truly lies, and what sets the company apart from the rest. 


You’ll find everything from a delightful Whipped Cream flavor and Frosted Cupcake all the way over to a devilishly tempting Chocolate Chip and light, bright Tropical. 


It doesn’t get any sweeter than that!


What Is Wet Lubes? 

Established over 30 years ago, Wet Lubes has continuously strived to create varied and high-quality products.  


The company goal has always been to empower its customers through endlessly evolving sexual aids; designed meticulously to improve sexual experiences and enhance intimacy. 


The brand does not believe the bare minimum of intimate wellness products to be enough, no. 


State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, FDA approved ingredients and consistent communication with its consumers ensures that its products are trusted, safe and formulated to cater to everyone's needs and preferences. 


The people at Wet Lubes have invested time, heart and oh-so-much passion in the company. Beyond its brand goals, Wet Lubes have worked hard to become the nation's most trusted (and doctor approved) lubricant retailer. 


Below you’ll find the credentials awarded to the company, obtained and vigorously upheld for your peace of mind. 


Trigg Laboratory credentials: 

- UL cGMP Certified 

- FDA 510(k) Cleared products 

- Organic NOP-Handling certified facility  

- Accredited UL RCP Certificate 

- FDA Compliant manufacturing (QSR and cGMP) 

-  Certified to ISO 13485:201 

- Registered with the FDA as medical device manufacturer and Over-the-Counter (OTC) establishment 


But beyond that, the products are also just fun; both in packaging design and the lubes themselves.  


This is vital to its clear sex-positive ethos; that pleasure is for everyone and should be as fun as possible! 


It doesn’t end there. 


Within the last 30 years, the lube giants have contributed to well over 300 non-profit organizations all across the globe, with their main focus being in education and community. 


A little closer to home, Wet Lubes/Trigg Laboratories boast an amazingly enriching diversity culture within all of their many workplaces. 


The brand believes its workforce should represent each and every one of its customers, regardless of age, race, political beliefs, gender or sexuality.  


Honoring this ethos, you can find a statement of diversity printed on the front of all product packaging. 


Truly the perfect eye catcher for those of you that are looking to purchase from progressive and diversified brands! 


Product Design 


Wet Lubes sexual aids are not considered premium for no reason.  


Since the founding of the company, products have continuously been altered, improved and redesigned to fit both the image of the brand that we see today; and to reflect the needs of the customers it caters to. 


You’ll find that all Wet Lubes products are hypoallergenic and clearly advertised as such.  

The lubricants are all manufactured to be compatible for use with latex condoms and any other latex-wear. 


For those of you that like a quick and easy clean up; the brand's clearly marked water-based line is just for you! 


Wet Lubes utilizes distinct, bold designs for each of its varying products. 


The water-based line comes in a brilliant white bottle, featuring its signature logo, relevant information and fabulously eye-catching flavor photo. 


Many of the products are manufactured to be warming lubricants. Temperature change of the lube is activated by friction; intensifying sensations all over the body and introducing a whole new element to play. 


You’ll easily find these innovative lubes by their design. They feature a fun, sexy flame igniting the fruit or dessert flavor image on the front of the bottle.  


A cookie set on fire, pretty hard to miss right? 


The flavors, however, warrant a whole section of this article alone. 


This is where we see how Wet Lubes truly sets itself apart from the crowd. 


The brand delves deep into classic fruit flavors we all know and love. They are created to be deeply pleasurable. Not through feel on the body, but for the other most important senses too. 


Smell and taste play a huge part in arousal, and Wet Lube knows that. 


From sweet, fresh smelling strawberry over to a tropical storm of exotic fruits; you more than experience the luxurious, high-grade ingredients and top-tier quality control put into bringing these dream-like lubes to life. 


That’s an industry way of saying ‘Made with Love’. 


The accuracy of these flavors is also a not-so-surprising element in the design and production of the lubricants. 

Years and years of work have gone into perfecting each and every formula, and luxury dessert flavors are probably the hardest for any non-food company to replicate (I’m looking at you every vape liquid company ever). 


Just reading a single review of the Wet Lube dessert range will show you how precisely the brand has absolutely nailed the taste. That is how excited fans of this brand are.


The whipped cream and frosted cupcake flavors in particular have a growing onslaught of fans.  


Designed meticulously to make oral sex more engaging and pleasurable for the giver; Wet Lube has really managed to get that creamy, vanilla, sweet taste right on the mark. 


There is none of the bitter aftertaste you might be used to in other flavored lubes, and the company has managed to achieve this all while keeping the formula sugar-free! 


It has been manufactured carefully for men, women and any gender in between to enjoy; without the worry of a yeast infection or an unpleasant aftertaste.  



Wet Lubes prides itself on the use of high-quality ingredients in all of its products. 


The company was actually the first manufacturer of lube in the US to remove spermicide from its products as suggested to manufacturers by the CDC for a variety of health concerns.


Frosted Cupcake Lubricant Ingredients: 

  • Water  
  • Glycerin 
  • Pentylene Glycol 
  • Flavor/Aroma 
  • Cellulose Gum 
  • Potassium Sorbate 
  • Sucralose 

Breaking down the ingredients of one of the dessert flavored lubes in the range really gives you a good look into how the company values the simplicity yet genius of its products. 


It is a very short list, no A4 page sized ingredients list. No separate tab on your laptop just to read the formula. All of them being components you likely already interact with on a daily basis. 


Just the essential, top-quality ingredients needed to make Americas #1 lube.  


All of the Wet Lubes formulas are produced and tested under the Medical Device Quality System Regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices as enforced by the FDA. 


Wet Lubes is not a brand that cuts corners when it comes to safety, health and regulations. It values not only its customers' experience, but their physical wellness too. 


You already know that all of these tasty lubes are in fact sugar-free, but you’ll be glad to know that every product is also paraben free, and hypoallergenic!


Wet Lubes also never uses any animal products in any of its range, so everything is vegan friendly! 


They seriously did not lie about inclusivity with their products.


Pros and Cons 


It’s very hard to dig up any cons with a brand that holds such a strong and grandfathered dedication to its ethos. 


Wet Lubes is an inexpensive, premium brand for the people made quite literally by the people. 

I personally value its multifaceted commitment to listening to its consumers. 


Not to mention constantly modernizing and improving products, keeping up to date with health regulations and using only the best, most simple formulas. 


It’s tough finding a company that checks all the boxes. Listening, doing, and the end result. 

I have to say, they do it well. 


Probably the biggest selling point is within the company walls itself. Everyone should gravitate toward a brand that empowers its employees as equally as its customers.  


But enough about the pros of the brand, let's talk about the product. 


All lubricants in the Wet Lubes range are delightfully stain-free.  


The brand knows where the majority of its customers' playtime goes down, and it has certainly thought ahead in terms of ingredients. 


No need to worry about any more stained, oily sheets with WetLube by your side! 


The vast variety of products available is also more than an appealing sell.  


Warming lube, water-based, a range of flavors, and even lubes with a formula designed to moisturize you! 


It’s inventive, sexy, affordable, and delicious. Forget the skincare routine, get the lube!





Final Thoughts 

This is one of those brands where the product speaks for itself. 


Finding a lube that works for your tastes (pun intended) and your body in the Wet Lubes range will probably be the easiest task of your life.  


On the off-chance you don’t, they’re a company that is willing to listen and make changes. 


Not to mention, the flavors are incredible! Not only do they actually taste like the choices advertised, but they’re just so wonderfully unique.  


I seriously doubt you’ll have trouble finding something catered to you, not when you’re met by the dazzlingly mouth-watering food images on the bottle.  


Just wait until you see the glossy pink cupcake, Wet Lubes definitely knows what it's doing with that one. 


Onto the texture. An experience like no other, truly formulated for that erotically smooth body-on-body feel. 


As a result of the high-quality manufacturing process, you’re practically guaranteed the luxurious, silky feel of a lube made with years of research, practice and development behind it. 


The texture is unbeatable. Mixed with the variety of tastes and scents, you should expect your senses and arousal to be taken to full-body heights you never thought possible. 


Wet Lubes has really blurred the line between pleasing the senses and pleasuring ourselves, and I truly think it was for the best. 


Where Can I Buy? 

You’re probably wondering where you can get your hands on the Wet Lubes products. 


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I’m sure you don’t want to go from shop to shop, website to website hunting down all the best pleasure products. Think of all those combined shipping fees alone


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